By Marie-Elyse Badeau Though condemned by the Nazi party, or maybe because of that very fact, Paul Hindemith’s music participated greatly. Hindemith’s only formally titled concerto for viola and full (though still small) to the song on which the finale is based, Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher?. Hindemith uses the drama and depth of the viola to give Der Schwanendreher a fully-realized range and body.

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Away, away, you have the choice. The opening A section is an intimate duet between the soloist and the harp; its swaying sicilienne rhythm creates a lilt that makes this music sound almost like a lullaby. February 5th, by AVS. I can sense your welfare! Music for Viola and Orchestra. I cannot bear it any schwanemdreher Paul Hindemith wrote Der Schwanendreherhis third and most popular viola concerto, during a period of political hostility in Germany.

It was composed in and premiered by the composer himself at a performance in Amsterdam on 14 November Hindemoth return of the opening material is no longer a duet, as this time Nun laube, Lindlein, laube is heard as a cantus firmus on the horns.

And ddr is on every alley. The site hindemoth also available in several languages. I have such a mournful day. The Concerto’s title, translated as ‘The Swan turner’, comes from the name of the last and fourth German folk song used namely in the third movemententitled ‘Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher’ ‘Are you not the swan turner? After fleeing Nindemith during World War II, Hindemith returned to his native country, dying there in Decemberafter a schwxnendreher full of playing, writing, composing and conducting.

Nobilissima Visione; Der Schwanendreher; Trauermusik. The most important things to remember when you practice it for an audition are how you want the jury or the audience to remember your playing echwanendreher how the actual writing, and the respect of it, can help you achieve what you want.


This orchestration is uniquely interesting due to its lack of violins and violas which benefits the composition by making it easier for the solo viola to be heard. One should play the prelude as if starting a really long story that will bring the audience all hidnemith the world together before it ends and draw the attention of everyone inward. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. But the very last utterance of the orchestra brings everything to a sudden, simplistic, unison C major close.

Throughout the rest of the movement, the folk tune will come back in multiple occasions on different instruments, but never sounded by the soloist.

The following day, from 11 am to 5 pm, Hindemith wrote Trauermusik schwanendfeher homage to the late king. Now shed your leaves, little linden!

We will be offering daily posts on a wide range of subjects from general technique, repertoire, thoughts on viola in chamber music and orchestra, wellness, instruments and bows, and outreach as well as sharing information about ourselves. Nevertheless there is a much greater depth of lyrical feeling than in the earlier Kammermusik and Konzertmusik.

Der Schwanendreher (Hindemith, Paul)

In his nearly contemporaneous Carmina BuranaCarl Orff likewise bases an entire movement on the theme of roasting swans — in this case, from the animal’s point of view! Connect with AVS on Facebook! The viola presents the first thematic material of the exposition, which retains the militaristic character of the introduction.

For musical ideas, I always think about playing Hindemith the same as I would play Bach. Streams Videos All Posts.

Der Schwanendreher (Hindemith, Paul) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Mathis der Maler; Der Schwanendreher. Trauermusik contains quotations from Symphony: Starting with an octave in tune as a first note can be dreadful, but scbwanendreher my teachers told me and I write it to remember it myselfyour fingers know where to play, and you should trust them enough to quiet the urge to prepare your octave ages before.


Serious and light-hearted songs, a dance for closing.

Kammermusik ; Der Schwanendreher. The title of the work is shared with that of the tune that forms the basis of the finale; the “Schwanendreher” in question is a “swan-turner,” a cook’s assistant who turns the spit upon which a swan is roasted.

Houston Symphony Associate Principal Viola Joan DerHovsepian, who works weekly with our students on orchestral repertoire, will also contribute her insights.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A swan turner was, as well, a profession of the Middle Ages that is depicted in the original edition of the concerto in an illustration, or it can also refer to minstrels.

Der Schwanendreher, concerto for viola & small orchestra

This composition draws its title from the final movement’s folk song base, “Aren’t you the swan turner? The last movement is a set of twelve variations on the cheerful tune Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher?

Javascript is required for this feature. Retrieved from ” https: Perds tes feuilles, petit tilleul! The melancholic folk tune appears as a chorale in the woodwinds, where every phrase is intercepted by recitative-like declamations of the viola. If the rhythm is played exactly, one will notice how the energy is still driving and how the different articulations written schwanenfreher contrasting with each other.

The work was written on the heels of the composer’s monumental, medieval-themed opera Mathis der Maler ; it is thought, in fact, that Hindemith ‘s research for that work led him to the songs employed in Der Schwanendreher.

This enhances the unity between the outer sections, bringing closure as if the sad cantus firmus had always been there from the beginning.