Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · by Honoré de Balzac. The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac. No cover available. The Unknown Masterpiece. [Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu]. Honoré de Balzac. Translated by Ellen Marriage. First published in This web edition published by. THE UNKNOWN MASTERPIECE (Gillette)by Honoré de Balzac, Given the sprawling abundance of La Comédie humaine, one does not immediately think.

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Balzac ci guida nella Parigi del in rue des Grands-Augustins, dove il giovane Nicolas Poussin si reca per chiedere al maestro Franciois Porbus di svelargli i segreti della pittura.

The Unknown Masterpiece

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Guardate la vostra infanzia, osservate la vostra vita e portate via ohnore quello che vi ha reso quello che siete ora: This short story turned out to be a delightful study of what makes great art.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Poussin and Pourbus offer to “lend” Gillette to Frenhofer if in exchange he will allow them to see his canvas. I found in researching this work bqlzac there is an explosion of articles about it, far more than a 22 page short story would normally generate. It almost seems as if Poussin and Porbus had stepped into the 20th Century and were looking at a work of abstract expressionism with a few realistic touches.

The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac

Nov 20, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: We are initially invited to see the two points of focus as Frenhofer and Catherine Lescault, painter and subject and perhaps painter and mistress.

That is, these are two philosophically reflective, didactic stories about how unknowh who are philosophically reflective and didactic ultimately fail as artists. That is what Balzac relies on to structure his tales, but what he seems to be saying is akin to an observation made in “Gambara”: Which is more important, love or art? Luckily I speak this language. Young Nicolas Poussinas yet unknown, knknown the painter Porbus in his workshop.


Among such fragile sentiments, none so resembles love as a youthful passion of a artist first suffering that delicious torture which will be his destiny of glory and of woe, a passion brimming with dde and fear, vague hopes and inevitable frustrations.

Quotes from The Hidden Master What stake do they have?

The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac

Would Balzac’s characters later in life regret being “had” by art? I can only guess Balzac used the names of two real artists to give his tale and the fictional Frenhofer even more authenticity than his words already seem to mastedpiece. A bslzac hour film was made out of this little book. Frenhofer is bemoaning the fact that several details of his painting of Catherine Lescault whom we never actually meet are wrong, and he blames Catherine herself for that.

Sep 20, Jigar Brahmbhatt rated it really liked it. At the studio of Pourbus, Poussin encounters a mysterious old man, Frenhofer, who fiercely criticizes Pourbus’s work and in the process makes extravagantly high demands of the “finished” work of art.

Jan 26, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing Shelves: What shall we teh it? Ora, non penserete che parli di quel dipinto, del soggetto immortalato dal maestro Frenhofer.

He is the author of fourteen volumes of poetry and has published more than one hundred fifty translations from the French, including works by Gide, Stendhal, de Beauvoir, Baudelaire, and de Gaulle. This site uses cookies. For Picasso, his art and the implied window, a representational concept inherited from the Renaissance and through which he saw his world, was always framed by the female.


Se atribuye a Carlos Fuentes aquella frase que dice: Gillette is the beautiful mistress and model—with one theme being the ultimate irreconcilability of the two roles—of the young Nicholas Poussin, an impoverished artist newly arrived in Paris. They test him by asking him to make a quick sketch.

The story, which has served as an inspiration to artists as various as Cezanne, Henry James, Picasso, and New Wave director Jacques Rivette, is, in critic Dore Ashton’s wor One of Honore de Balzac’s most celebrated tales, “The Unknown Masterpiece” is the story of a painter who, depending on one’s perspective, is either an abject failure or a transcendental genius–or both.

Ora unite queste due componenti, fondete essenza e essenza. Oh, I’m perfectly willing to ruin myself for your sake!

Le Chef-d’œuvre inconnu – Wikipedia

Both are about artists one painter, one composer who are on the brink of modern styles, and both stories speak to what art is, how an artist becomes a master of craft, and what realities we are willing to embrace in order for the art to succeed. The relation between money and art, between creation and destruction, and between love and art are examined in complex patterns of antithesis and synthesis. And a pleasurable joyride to a time of change, when art was about to be redefined, and into the minds of creative people, and their driving forces!

I am yet to discover a story that deals with artistic obsession so overtly and dramatically. Notify me of ablzac comments via email.