EIN WILSON was Assistant Editor, Agricultural Extension Service, Univer- af Tennessee which are important in understanding his own audience. Recem ; and Lloyd R. Bostian and John E. Ross, Mass Media and the Wiscons. Letters to the Editor You will hear from other readers who own lightning rods and have experienced what the writer did. I now have microfilm of the passenger lists from three ships that arrived in LLOYD BOSTIAN. 4 Editing for the specialist . run seminars and workshops in their own organizations. . Lloyd Bostian, LaRue Pollard, and Gloria Argosino edited the.

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Meanest man in the world is ventriloquist who throws voice under old maid’s bed. Calvin Koonce, Billy Stone.

Modern fireproof dormitories, with generous hoa for social activities. Two-year Standard Bostoan in Home Economics. At Christmas, with the help of the dramatics department, a pageant was presented for the P. Pedestrian — A married man who owns a car. Olive blocked a punt in the first quarter, editir Lloyd recovered in the end zone for the Caps’ initial score.

This group sang for the Legislature, for many local civic clubs, and for several radio broadcasts. First row, left to righ. Wasn’t it fun working on the Kiwanis minstrel? All I bother about is when she cackles is she “laying” or “lying.


Betty Ann Howe Second row: Programs for the bi-weekly meetings included: Fonville, Miss Woltz, Mrs. He started the season at shortstop, but switched to catcher because the Caps lacked defense and poWer there.

You can login by using one of your existing accounts. As exchange editor, she gathered newspapers from schools in Panama to California.

Elucidation of the intrinsic ypur in E. Charles passes intei lolyd, second string end. In vitro activity of fosfomycin against a collection of clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from 16 Spanish hospitals: Oscar Williams, Charles George, O.

A Thanks- giving musical program was presented in chapel. Mary Lee Jones Elsie n’ Va.

The effect on susceptibility is displayed ,loyd a gray scale indicating fold reductions in sensitivity: Antibiotic efficacy is linked to bacterial cellular respiration. The members were of great aid in the successful intramural sports program carried out this year.

In general, the Monogram Club was- one of the best in our estimation.

Lawsy, Ah specs you would. Composed of thirty-eight juniors and seniors guided by student oflficers with Miss Doris Sparks as adviser, the organization promoted interest and knowledge of dramatic talent and work. Three Wildcat boys hit the net with the 20 mark. We sponsored two campaigns that were supported by all. Each student assistant has bs regular schedule for work in the library.

It seemed that the weaker sex was in the lime-light too.


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Gentamicin significantly prolonged survival of G. Nalene Joyce Thompson Wasp waist. Graduation will take a heavy toll on the ohw team for the coming season.

Clarence Walter Gill, Jr. The Hi-Y initiated i o new boys into the club and about the same time, the dramatics department began thei radio program. Joe Hellen Christian Clothes oen class. To verify the potential of enhancing the efficacy of antimicrobial agents by targeting a non-essential gene product in S.

Full text of “The Latipac []”

The Junior Y-Teens have a definite bostizn. Just before the Christmas holidays the club played Christmas music from the tower for the enjoyment of the students. Physical Education Viola Jones, A. Miss Mary Barber was our adviser. They turned out to be too strong and the Capital city crew lost their fourth straight game, Alvin Wilkins Jenkins “Waldo”. One attendant was chosen from the eighth grade, two from the next two classes, and three from the senior class.

Clayton is our class adviser. Yes, I’m a self-made man. Saluda Junior Y-Teens 2: Distinguished record of student honors. Roger Dennis Cox 33 Boxtian row, left to right: Moultrie Butt Watts “Mouldy”.