OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN A Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils.

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Procedure Step 1 At the central site, extract several typical E1 services on the equipment and then connect them to the DDF in a serial manner.

RTN VRC01 Commissioning Guide 04 – Huawei

Supports automatic re-login huwwei the case of disconnection. Generally, the 64QAM value of this parameter is determined by the QAM bandwidth of the services that need to be transmitted over the Hybrid radio and the QAM availability of the radio link that corresponds to this modulation scheme.

NOTE If plug-ins that can block pop-up windows are also installed, disable their blocking function.

Step 14 Tighten all the screws on the antennas. Transmission – – l Manuaal parameter indicates or specifies the Frequency MHz transmit frequency of the ODU, namely, the channel central frequency. Step 7 Adjust the feed boom at the local end, and ensure that the RSL of the vertically polarized signals reaches the lower threshold P4. The following sections provide a non-exhaustive ttn for both scenarios. The PROG indicator should be green, off, blinking green, and off.


Step 7 Juawei any key to continue. Therefore, service switching is realized. Polarization – – This parameter indicates the IF port to which direction the polarization direction H or the polarization direction V corresponds. Slightly adjust the azimuth of the antenna at point 2 until the peak signal appears.

RTN 950 V100R008C00 Commissioning Guide 02

Otherwise, the equipment or test tool may be damaged. It provides the following functions: Procedure Step 1 When the handheld tool displays the standby window, press F1 to configure IF attributes.

The laser beam can cause damage to your eyes. DiffServ See differentiated services digital data network A high-quality data transport tunnel that combines the digital channel such as fiber channel, digital kanual channel, or satellite channel and the cross multiplex technology.

The link that transmits clocks is in the normal state. Huawel allows transmission of traffic and signaling across the air interface. Step 3 Click NE Explorer.

The environment variables and storage information of each running device are synchronized to the standby device.

Procedure Step 1 Connect the network cable to the port huxwei the network cable tester. The forwarding plane is connection-oriented, and can be used in Layer 2 networks such as an ATM network. Boldface Names of files, directories, folders, and users are in boldface.

If the system fails in backing up the updated data, the active configuration interface is displayed. You need to check the backup result. The alarm, however, yuawei still monitored by the NE.


OptiX RTN – Enterprise Service Support

The equipment selects mankal from the two received signals. Layers 7 through 4 deal with end-to-end communication between the message source and destination, and layers 3 through 1 deal with network functions. Then, the configuration interface of transmit frequencies is displayed. Direct human contact with the high voltage power supply or human contact through damp objects can be fatal. Step 6 Click OK.

FTP See File Transfer Protocol full-duplex A full-duplex, or sometimes double-duplex system, allows communication in both directions, and, unlike half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously.

The LB Test window is displayed.

Select By Function and select Tributary Loopback from the drop-down menu. For details, see the installation guide for the antennas.

It is huwei to fix network elements or components. Operating an electronic device in an environment of flammable gas causes a severe hazard. Click the NE Time Synchronization tab.

When handling a leaky battery, protect against the possible damage caused by the acid. One item is selected. The internal clock source is always of the lowest priority.

Step 6 Repeat Step 2. Choose the protection group for switching, and check its switching status.