View and Download IBM ThinkPad X setup manual online. IBM ThinkPad X: Install Guide. ThinkPad X Laptop pdf manual download. Contents ThinkPad X / i Series Hardware Maintenance Manual 1 Introduction 2 Important Service Information 2 How to Use Error Messages 3 How to. IBM. Part Number: 08K ThinkPad X Quick. Reference and Service IBM Service Website: Note: To see the Online User’s Guide, click Start.

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IBM ThinkPad 390X Setup Manual

Printer driver Printer cable System board Serial or parallel port device problems. The power cord should be the appropriate type as specified in the parts listings. The resistance must be ohm Li-Ion or 4 to 30K ohm.

Bei der Entsorgung die ortlichen Bestimmungen fur Sondermull beachten. Run the advanced diagnostic test for the system board in loop mode at least 10 times.

Aprendo I’unita vengono emesse radiazioni laser. Check that the power-supply cover fasteners screws or rivets have not been removed or tampered with. If the test detects a keyboard problem, do the following one at a time to correct the problem. Thnikpad you cannot find a symptom or an error in this list and the problem remains, see “Undetermined Problems” on page A scratch, write-enabled, non-defective, high-density 2HD diskette is required.

The “Power System Checkout” power-on indicator does not on page 32, then use table go on or stay on. Avant de remettre I’ordinateur sous tension apres remplacement d’une unite en clientele, verifiez que tous les ressorts, vis et autres pi ces sont bien en place et bien fixees.


Check for any obvious non-IBM alterations. Use the following table with the verified symptom to determine which page to go to. Metallic parts or thikpad flakes can cause electrical short circuit. The cause of the first error code can result in false error codes being dis- played.

Disconnect the cable from the inverter board. Only certified and trained personnel should service the computer. In the following error codes, X can be any number.

Thinkpac darf nicht zerlegt, wiederaufgeladen, kurzgeschlossen, oder Feuer oder Wasser ausgesetzt werden. In the ThinkPad Configuration program, the computer can be set to suspend when docked.

If the error still remains: Replace the Diskette Drive. System board Check date and time setting 1. If the test detects a modem problem, replace the modem card. Sie durfen nicht zerlegt, wiederaufgeladen, kurzgeschlossen, oder Feuer oder Wasser ausgesetzt werden. Power off the computer. Non-IBM products, prototype cards, or modified options can give false im and invalid system responses.

Rerun the test to verify that no more errors exist. Remove the power latch. Be careful not to replace a non-defective FRU. Name and phone number of servicer 2.

Rayonnement laser si carter ouvert. If you need to work on a machine that has exposed electrical circuits, observe the following precautions: Check inside the unit for any obvious unsafe condi- tions, such as metal filings, contamination, water or other liquids, or signs of fire or smoke damage. Use product-specific ESD procedures when they exceed the requirements thinkpadd here.



Then reinstall the Battery. Disconnect all power before: Load Setup Defaults and reboot the system. Lift the LED board.

To remove the hard disk drive: ESD damage can occur when there is a difference in charge between objects. Use the following strategy to prevent unnecessary FRU replacement and service expense: If an elec- trical accident occurs, you can then operate the switch or unplug the power cord quickly.

If any unsafe conditions are present, you must determine how serious the apparent hazard could be and whether you can continue without first correcting the problem.

If nanual battery status indicator does not turn on, remove the Battery and let it return to room temperature. Pouzitie kontrol, uprav alebo inych vykonani od inych vyrobcov, ako je v tomto specifikovane, mohlo by mat za nasledok nebezpecenstvo vystavenia sa vyziarovaniu.