But all is forgiven if you know how to flatten your transparency before printing. If you use InDesign (or Illustrator 10 or Acrobat 5, for that matter. If they do want you to flatten your files, it’s easy to implement. Set Transparency Blend Space in InDesign When creating any type of PDF. Now, to be perfectly clear: the point of this exercise is just for fun, and to learn a few things about what happens when you flatten transparency.

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Locate and select the file containing the preset you want to load, and then click Open. At print or export time, you can revert to the flattener settings for the document or book. Rasterizes all objects, including images, vector artwork, text, indesin gradients, to the specified resolution.

In Illustrator and Acrobat, to magnify the preview, click in the preview area. To create a new preset, click New. Configuring users and rights in Lync Server 5 tips for successful project management Mastering the Histogram in Photoshop Become a pro in SharePoint with master pages.

Transparent objects are flattened according to the settings in the selected flattener preset. Indesogn your document or artwork contains transparency, to be output it usually ondesign to undergo a process called flattening.

Do one of the following:. Rename or delete a custom transparency flattener preset. Enter your email address below: You can save transparency flattener presets in a separate file, making it easy to back them up or to make them available to your service providers, clients, or others in your workgroup.


In the final output, outlined strokes and text may appear slightly different from native ones, especially very thin strokes and very small text. Convert All Strokes To Outlines. Acrobat DC has a menu customising feature, so it is not found in the main menu in the default program.

The InDesign software program included in Adobe’s Creative Suite lets ineesign create professional brochures, books, catalogs and other indsign electronic documents for flaatten. About us Case Studies Gallery Contact us.

Flatten Me! I want to be printed!

To keep as many objects vector as possible, select the [High Resolution] transparency flattener preset in the Advanced area of the Print or Export Adobe PDF dialog box. Highlights all linked EPS files that are affected by transparency. You can export and import transparency flattener presets in order to share them with your service providers, your clients, or others trans;arency your workgroup.

To delete iindesign preset, click Delete, and then click OK to confirm the deletion. Flattening of files is best done in Acrobat Pro, even when the artwork has been created in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

The ‘Export’ option in InDesign and the ‘Save As’ option in Illustrator will not allow you to choose to flatten your file unless you create a very old Acrobat tfansparency file. The amount of rasterization that occurs depends on the complexity of the page and the types of overlapping objects.


Blends the color of transparent artwork with the background color to create an overprint effect. More details about flattening layouts and solutions to other printing needs in InDesign and Illustrator are available on the Adobe website. To preview the separations open the Output Preview tab:. With this option selected, overprinted areas that interact with transparency are flattened, while overprinting in other flztten is preserved. If this happens, do either of the following: Note that this option takes longer to process than the others.

How to Flatten an InDesign Document

Select “None” to ignore the transparency values in the document. The printing press needs your layout in opaque values and will not dine well on the overlapping semi-see-through inspired piece you’ve created. Get New Horizons’ latest graphics design articles straight to your inbox.

To base a preset on a predefined preset, select one in the list and click New.

Flatten Me! I want to be printed! | New Horizons

Selecting this option may affect processing speed. Initially we need to check what Colour Separations are contained in jndesign file. Deselect this option when saving files for use in page-layout applications.

Either choose a preset or, if available, set specific options.