The bearings developed at Livermore employed cylindrical magnet arrays to sta INDUCTRACK MAGLEV SYSTEM could allow trains to glide across the country. Apr 3, High reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs make magnetic levitation (maglev) technology integral to advancing the nation’s. May 9, By contrast, maglev requires complex and expensive infrastructure Called the Inductrack, the new system is passive in that it uses no.

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High-speed still and video cameras revealed that the cart was consistently stable while levitated, flying over nearly the entire track length before settling to rest on its wheels near the end of the track.

Inductrack – Wikipedia

Their compelling advantages include high speeds, inductrck friction except aerodynamic drag, low energy consumption, and negligible air and noise pollution. Lower noise, much lower maintenance, greater rider comfort, can climb steeper grades, potentially higher energy efficiency than buses or rubber-tired urban trains.

Above a minimum speed, as the velocity of the train increases, the levitation gap, lift force and power used are largely constant. The conductors of each inducttrack are connected at both ends into a common bus bar, thereby forming an array of shorted circuits. These maglev systems also require complicated feedback circuits to prevent disastrous instabilities in their high-speed operation. The tests were so successful that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA awarded the Laboratory a contract to study the technology as a means to help launch rockets into space.

FOR the past two decades, prototype magnetically levitated maglev trains cruising at up to kilometers per hour have pointed the way to the future in rail transport. This delays the phase of the current peak so that induced current in the track tends more closely to coincide with the field peaks of the magnet array.


The theory also shows levitation of loads approaching 50 times the weight of the magnets, important for reducing the cost relative to maglev vehicles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Litz-wire cables, encased in stainless steel tubes Slotted, laminated, conductor sheets, bonded and mechanically reinforced Lock. Originally intended for use in particle accelerators for focusing and controlling particle beams, the Halbach array is a special configuration of permanent magnets.

The simplicity of the Inductrack may make it attractive for use in a variety of applications, including urban maglev systems, people movers, and point-to-point shipment of high-value freight The Inductrack, employing Halbach arrays, is an example of a practical application of the results of fundamental studies in magnetics and particle-accelerator physics.


We think you have liked this presentation. Inductrack involves two main components: The amount of power needed depends on the weight of the vehicle and its maximum speed. The track can be in one of two configurations, a “ladder track” and a “laminated track”.

Auth with social network: The Inductrack II variation uses two Halbach arrays, one above and one below the track, to double the magnetic field without substantially increasing the weight or area of the arrays, while also reducing drag at low speeds. Even though the electromagnetic drag associated with Inductrack becomes small at high speeds, an auxiliary power source would also be needed to maintain the train’s high speed against aerodynamic drag.

Full-Scale Test Track under Construction In MayGA broke ground at its San Diego facility on a meter-long, full-scale test track, which will feature both straight and curved meter radius sections.

Maglev on the Development Track for Urban Transportation. The new design is simpler and should be lower in cost to manufacture than the litz-wire ladder track. Download ppt “The Inductrack: The theory predicts levitation forces of up to 50 metric tons per square meter of magnet array using modern permanent magnet materials such as neodymium-iron-boron.

Using unique configurations of powerful, permanent magnets, called Halbach arrays, to create its levitating fields, Inductrack is under development by General Atomics GA in San Diego.

The Inductrack: A Home-Grown Maglev System for our Nation – ppt video online download

However, inructrack soon as the train exceeds a transitional speed of 1 to 2 kilometers an hour a slow walking speedwhich is achieved by means of a low-energy auxiliary power source, the arrays induce sufficient currents in the track’s inductive coils to levitate the train. The track thus creates its own magnetic field which lines up with and repels indhctrack permanent magnets, creating the levitation effect.

Inductrack is a passivefail-safe electrodynamic magnetic levitation system, using only unpowered loops of wire in the track and permanent magnets arranged into Halbach arrays on the vehicle to achieve magnetic levitation. Inductrac, contrast, passengers must be magnetically shielded on maglev trains employing superconducting coils. Sam Gurol, General Atomics program manager, notes that GA has worked with Livermore scientists, including Post, for years on a variety of research projects, most of them related to magnetic fusion.


The German maglev uses an electromagnetic design, which is based on magnetic attraction rather than repulsion and requires control systems to maintain a stable air gap of less than 10 millimeters. This page was last edited on 22 Januaryat Contactless energy transfer system Linear electric motor and guidance system Magnetic levitation inductor Emergency pavement Emergency guidance And braking system Proposed inand under study sincethe Swiss-Metro system would carry passengers in train cars running every 6 minutes.

Registration Forgot your password? Inductrack features a Halbach array of permanent magnets positioned under a train car. At low speeds the loops are a largely resistive impedance, and hence the induced currents are highest where the field is changing most quickly, which is around the least intense parts of the field, thus little lift produced.

If the system were to lose power, the train would remain stably levitated until it slows to walking speeds, at which point it would settle down on auxiliary wheels. The system can lift 50 induxtrack the magnet weight.

GA concluded that Inductrack was the levitation approach that best met its needs, based on factors such as simplicity, weight, capital and maintenance costs, and design flexibility. The Halbach array offers other benefits besides levitation.

The advantages of maglev in urban settings relative to conventional urban rail systems include: The magnetic fields generated by these arrays interact with a track composed of shorted circuits to create levitating and centering magnetic forces.

These levitation forces are close to the theoretical maximum that can be exerted by permanent magnets. If the power suddenly fails, the train cars remain levitated while slowing down to a low speed, at which point the cars come to rest on their wheels.

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The Inductrack: A Home-Grown Maglev System for our Nation

The theory has been compared against subscale test results and then incorporated in simulation codes. As a Halbach magnet array passes over the inducttack of wire, the sinusoidal variations in the field induce a voltage in the track coils. Preliminary estimates indicate that a full-scale Inductrack system for magnetically launching large rockets should be technically feasible.