Owner’s Manuals. MultiZone Amplifiers; Tuners; Receivers; Blu-ray / DVD Players ; Accessories; Amplifiers; Net-Tune; Preamplifiers; Media Center; Sound Bar. Introduction. The SSP (Surround Sound Processor) world has been a sad place for the last couple of years. All the mass market companies were implementing. Setup of the DTC was as simple as any receiver I have used. A quick check of the manual reveals that you simply plug in the calibration mic and the.

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The unit features an oversized Toroidal transformer for the main power supply as well as separate transformers for the audio and video circuitry.

A0-A10 are used as row address inputs during active command input 27 to 32 and A0-A7 as column address inputs during read or write command input. I have really been impressed with the Inttegra 9. Download the latest “. The units originally had firmware V1.

Integra DTC THX Ultra2 SSP –

Music From Big Pink. Integra was also kind enough to send me a firmware upgrade for my unit, showing that they can be upgraded. In 98. aspects, the 9. Ce symbole indique que le fusible utilise est e lent. The two balanced rear channel outputs can also be used in a bi-amping solution something I have never been a big fan of, although some people claim it sounds better.


Fluance Unveils 4 Intwgra Series Turntables.

So how does all this technology sound in practice? I’ll check into the cost of the Onkyo vs. I am not experiencing any voice sync or other issues with the 9. All and all, I am thrilled with the 9. In terms of usability, the 9.

Hifi Manuals

Please let us know if you have any questions or comment on how we run Hifi-Manuals. Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence?

Thanks guys, looks like there is a dealer somewhat close by. Sometimes users question if they are getting any value in buying a higher end piece from a company like Integra over say a mid-lineup receiver and just using the receiver as an SSP.

Integra DTC Manuals

Outlaw Model Surround Processor. Optilink5 Pioneer D laserdisc player: Integra has access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over 60 years of audio engineering excellence.

The unit also has an Ethernet port and an RS port for integration with control systems, two 12v trigger outputs, and IR inputs and outputs. Pour une protection permanente, n’utiliser que des fusibles de meme type.

I still have an old Onkyo surround receiver pre Dolby Digital. A quick adjustment in the menu allows you to override this setting as well as another other basic setting in terms of distance or level. There are five additional input audio inputs that also support S-Video and composite.


Onkyo and Integra obviously share a lot of technology between their product lines and sell substantially more units than boutique brands of audio gear. While the target unit is off, connect the unit and PC with RS straight through cable.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Integra Onkyo’s high end brand similar to Toyota ‘s Lexus has decided to set the stage for this entire market by offering an exceptional value to consumers at an unheard of price. The component, HDMI, and digital inputs and be assigned to any of the inputs on the unit. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Zone 2 and Zone 3 both include balance controls as well as maximum and power-on volume settings.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Still works like a charm but i am just using for Stereo now in a different room. While the menus have all the same functions as a typical SSP, the devil is in the details so to speak. Many even very respectable processors have one foot as the basic unit. I am hoping I will have some time to hook it up soon.