and Braille displays, to get information from the user interface. Java 2D API. Enables developers to easily incorporate high-quality. 2D graphics, text, and images. This Swing Java Tutorial describes developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) interfaces (GUIs) for applications and applets, using the Swing components. Swing è un framework per Java, appartenente alle Java Foundation Classes ( JFC) e orientato La Internet Foundation Classes (IFC) era una libreria grafica per Java Grazie a questo, la maggior parte dei componenti Swing hanno associati modelli (specificati in termini di Java interfaces), il programmatore può usare.

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Add two additional JButtons below the two we already added to create a column.

Designing a Swing GUI in NetBeans IDE – Tutorial

Repeat this for the Last Name: Estratto da ” https: Automatic Component Positioning Snapping As you add components to a form, the GUI Builder provides visual feedback that assists in positioning components based on your operating system’s look and feel.

In AWT, di fatto l’applicazione si serve di oggetti Java per controllare i componenti nativi specifici per il sistema operativo in utilizzo e che compongono l’interfaccia grafica. In the Properties pane below, enter Name for the Title property.

Each of the JButtons are set to the same size as the button with the longest name. To add a JTextField: Because we want to visually distinguish the functions gradiche the upper and lower sections of our GUI, we need to add a border and title to each JPanel.

To create a new ContactEditor application project: Click in the form to place the JPanel in this location.

In the Palette window, select the Label component from the Swing Controls category. La Internet Foundation Classes IFC era una libreria grafica per Java sviluppata originalmente dalla Netscape Communications Corporation e distribuita per la prima volta nel 16 dicembre Move the cursor immediately to the right of the JLabel we just added.

Now we’ll add the combo box that will enable users to select the format of the information that our ContactEditor application will display. Repeat steps 1 and 2, entering Nickname: Then it tells you how to compile and run programs that use Swing components. The small square resize handles reappear around the component’s perimeter.


Whenever you resize the form, switch locales, or specify a different look and feel, your GUI automatically adjusts to respect the target look and feel’s insets and offsets.

You can only edit code appearing in iava white areas of the Editor when in Source view.

Swing (Java)

If you encounter difficulty positioning the new text field, you can snap it to gragiche left guideline of jqva Nickname JLabel as shown in the first image below. I principali vantaggi di Swing rispetto ad AWT sono conseguenza del fatto stesso che i componenti Swing sono realizzati in puro codice Java. Refer to the Resizing and indenting components. In the Palette window, select the Label component from the Swing category. Note that while removing placeholder text after roughing out a form can be a helpful technique in avoiding problems with component alignments and anchoring relationships, most developers typically remove this text in the process of laying out their forms.

La disposizione dei componenti viene affidata ai java. Now jaga need to add the buttons that will enable users to confirm the information they enter for an graffiche contact and add it to the contact list or cancel, leaving the database unchanged. To yrafiche the JPanel: Drag and Drop and Data Transfer tells you what you need to know to implement data transfer in your application. In the Palette window, select the Label component from the Swing Controls category by clicking and releasing the mouse button.

When the guideline appears indicating that the new JLabel’s right edge is aligned with the right edges of the component group above the two JLabelsclick to position the component. This speeds the GUI design process, enabling you to quickly create professional-looking visual interfaces that work. To add a JTextField to the form: When you save your changes, the IDE updates the file’s sources.

Inrerfacce significa che il comportamento dei componenti la reazione agli eventi, il rendering, ecc. JLabels that describe two JTextFields that we’re going to add in a minute. Lnterfacce still pressing the Shift key, place another JLabel immediately to the right of the first. Select the bottom JPanel and repeat steps 2 through 5, but this time right-click the JPanel and access the Properties window using the pop-up menu.


When the guidelines appear indicating that the new JLabel’s left edge is aligned with that of the JLabel above and a small margin exists between them, shift-click to place the first JLabel. Once placed, new components are also anchored to the nearest container edge or component to ensure gtafiche component relationships are maintained at runtime.

The GUI Builder also provides interface feedback regarding component anchoring and chaining relationships. To set components to be the same size: The JTextField snaps into position in the form aligned with the JLabel’s baseline, as shown in the following illustration. The GUI Builder figures out which layout attributes are required and then generates the code for you automatically.

Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)

Move the cursor over the form immediately below interfacc bottom JPanel’s E-mail title. Notice graficeh the JLabel shifted downward slightly in order to align with ingerfacce taller text field’s baseline. As you lay out your form, the GUI Builder provides visual guidelines suggesting optimal spacing and alignment of components.

Oltre ai componenti originalmente forniti da IFC, Swing introdusse un meccanismo che permetteva il look and feel di ogni componente di una applicazione di essere alterato senza dover fare cambiamenti significativi al codice sorgente.

Often it is necessary to cluster multiple components under another component such that it is clear they belong to a group of related functions. Move the cursor over the Title: Move the cursor immediately to the right of the E-mail Address label we just added. The JButtons are set to the same size as the button with the longest name.

Concurrency in Swing discusses concurrency as it applies to Swing programming.