NEC Corporation FE pasolink/. NEC Corporation. Converged Packet Radio. iPASOLINK // . iPASOLINK / 6 GHz 10 Mbps DIGITAL RADIO SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS. Uploaded by. Meghezi Mohamed. Download with Google. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK /A. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK E. iPASOLINK iX. iPASOLINK SX. iPASOLINK GX. iPASOLINK EX.

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As a leader in transmission technology, NEC invests our resource to figure out how to overcome today issues. Following functions are available.

Adaptive modulation radio AMR A user will have the privilege provided to the group where it belongs. Power 200 inlet for power supply slot The specifications or configuration contained in this document are subject to change without notice due to NEC’s continuing design effort.

Remote access and control The distribution algorithm distributes the packet according to: Additional capabilities and capacity can be latter scaled as the network evolves. Incorporation of energy save integrated digital processing techniques and adoption of high efficiency RF components.

iPASOLINK / Wireless Transport | NEC

Alarms that have been cleared in the NE will remove on the Active Alarm window and logged in the Alarm History window. Moreover, the control of network elements can be customized and provided only to specific groups. Through these additions, you can achieve double capacity without additional footprint or indoor mounting space. User can edit the list based on following items: E1 interface for optional card slot Maximum throughput at 64 byte VLAN tagged frame passed rate base.

A card for synchronous Ethernet is provided. Frequency agility and easy tuning This technical description ipasolonk all available ipasollink.


Copy, ipasolihk, modification, or distribution without prior written authorization of NEC Corporation is strictly prohibited. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Dual native transmission is the most suitable solution in this application. Up to 20 Gbps -TDM cross-connect: Measured at 64QAM 25 25 21 21 21 19 19 18 – 17 Multiple service engine for optional card slot Efficient usage of frequency resourses – High modulation scheme up to QAM for native Ethernet and native TDM transmission achieves high spectrum efficiency. Alarm extension and combining. Starting with a map showing the sub-groups, followed by maps showing the various sub-group configurations, an operator can find an overview window for any PASOLINK station quickly.

Therefore, adoption of Dual Native backhaul would be risk-free, the most flexible and cost effective migration method towards all-IP network. This 10 dB Coupler comprises directional coupler, antenna interface, radio mounting interfaces and polarizer. Note that one-antenna system requires only single antenna, however, additional loss between ODUs and the antenna have to be considered. This document describes the current version of NEC standard equipment.

This technical document contains proprietary information to NEC Corporation. In contrast, Packet data traffic is gradually increasing. User-friendly operation PNMSj displays a network overview with click and pull down menus to obtain detailed status information and to change the configuration of the network elements. Service provider can not compromise above issues where they have to use one system and can be used in any strategy technical and management to keep their market share and improve income.

Today, service provider still carries TDM information, but in another side, they already provide packet technology, thus their customer can access internet without consuming a dedicated resource like TDM technology and as a smooth solution to migrate to LTE.


These are factory options. This information storage is used for equipment replacement and recovery of setting and configuration. Top of this page. Precision clock synchronization protocol IEEE v Measured at 64QAM 21 21 17 17 17 15 15 14 – 13 By this function, undesirable packet is not transferred to management port and secured ipasolijk system is achieved.

The iPasolink series ipaslink together top-class radio performance and a vast array of multi-service transport and traffic engineering functions to address the needs of the Las Mile, aggregation and Metro network. Remember me on this computer.

iPASOLINK 100/200

However, TDM network can not manage the growth of data traffic efficiently. Prioritization between TDM and Ethernet packets or prioritization between Ethernet ports or VPN-base is the quite important matter to maintain the quality of the highest priority service. E1 interface for optional card slot 16 E1 can be added by adding optional E1 card. This table shows typical values for reference.

With this functionality, it is possible to streamline legacy network while increasing IP network usage. NEC Corporation shall not be liable for errors contained herein. Radio Link Aggregation Radio Link Aggregation achieves high capacity and resiliency transport with bundling several radio links.

Antenna 11 – 42 GHz Figure 5. The list also shows what alarm severities are currently active in the NE and whether it has been acknowledged or not. It is free from time and synchronization issues.