Founder | Iris Reading you need for this webinar This article: The Deadline Strategy. Measure: How long does it take to read 1 page?. CEO | Iris Reading ading. Refer to the following article: contract formation is as follows: (1) was there a proper offer and acceptance of the offer. “After I finish this chapter or article or page, I will ” Preview & Overview Before Reading Multiple Reading Process. 1.) Preview.

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This summer, I attended a speed reading class offered by Iris. This post is a short review of the class.

Microsoft promise Iris-reading devices in the next 12 months

The goal is both to help people evaluate whether the articl is right for them and to refresh my memory of the material. I started this blog post shortly after the class but it was left partially finished due to other events distracting me from blogging. The class was offered at a hotel in downtown Boston and started at There were 10 students in the class which, I was told for smaller than the usual aticle. They were an eclectic mix of people including a firefighter hoping to study for exams more efficiently, a 17 year old student at Philips Academy, and a gentleman preparing for med school.

There was only 1 female student, which our instructor said was an unusual gender ratio. The class aimed to teach 3 skills of irisreasing Our instructor had a background in linguistics and did a good job providing background. The average adult reader reads at — WPM. Most people top out at WPM. Interestingly, people read faster in the s — then the average speed was WPM. The theory behind speed reading is that in elementary school, you learn techniques that are good for learning to read but become bad habits once you know how to read.

Within the course, they do a series of drills to help you break 3 bad habits: Fixation is the irsreading of arficle on irisreadlng and every individual word. Instead, Iris recommends that you focus on groups of words. Regression is going back and rereading. There are 3 reasons for regression: Auditory Reasurance is the most significant problem. This is the voice in your head narrating as you read.

Many of us were taught to sound out words in grade school and still have the habit of reciting words in our head as we read. In fact, studies have shown that the vocal track is actually active while people are reading.


During the class they had us test our reading speed by reading to ourselves and then test it again by reading aloud. I found that my speed reading aloud was within 50 wpm of reading to myself. We went through a number of drills designed to break those habits.

For example, in one of the drills, you push yourself to read faster and faster without worrying about comprehension. The idea is that you are going through the text at too high of a speed to fixate on individual words or to recite the words in your mind. One of the techniques that they recommended was to use a pacer to control your reading speed and push yourself to read faster. A pacer is an object such as a pen, a bookmark, your hand, or your finger that you move alone the page while reading.

You use the pacer to guide your eyes through the text. The use of a pacer allows you to have more direct control over your reading speed. Your mind is also less likely to wounder.

The last section of the class was devoted to a technique that they called the Multiple Read Process MRP that they recommend articld academic or scholarly material as an alternative to the normal linear reading process. MRP has 5 steps:. Your initially read the title, 1st paragraph, and the last paragraph. Then you read the first sentence of every paragraph.

Iris Reading Speed Reading programs

Only then do you read the text. After reading you do a final review and finally you should try to explain the text to someone else. This process allows you to understand where the reading is going and thus read it more quickly with better comprehension.

By constant MRP is broadly useful. In addition to MRP, Iris also taught mind mapping techniques that they recommend as an alternative to highlighting and underlining. According to our instructor the typical reading speed on a computer is slower than with paper reading and unlike paper reading, the use of a pacer is not practical.

Speed reading is a useful skill but also something that requires work. Iris recommends that you spend 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing for the 3 weeks following the class. That said, I think that my reading speed improved just from taking the initial 5 hour class. In fact, if I could go back in time, I would make myself take the class 20 years ago.


Now -a-days speed reading classes are very much essential in different areas. We have to study number of articles with in less time period and get the summery. There are number of institutes provide these classes both in offline and online. SO you can take these classes. This is good information! You are quite a fast reader, I have noticed.

Iris Speed Reading Class Review | David Larochelle’s Blog

I am definitely one who fixates and regresses in reading, so I might try these helpful tips. This article details the PX method which I found really useful — irisrading David, Thank you for this review and the way you think about it. I will check out the website of Iris to see about this course. You made the concept of how to learn to speed read a lot more clearer to me. And I agree with you that reading on a screen is slower then and actual book.

I still think xrticle by practicing this also can be speed up.

Have a good day. Hi there, I can recommend them. The courses are informative and I loved the video tutorials. I have compiled them for free on speedreadingtechniques.

Thanks for sharing, Mark.

Speed Reading Strategies for Textbooks Webinars

From the beginning, I believed the theory made sense, especially the idea that Auditory Resonance was the biggest problem slow readers face I totally resonatebut never followed through to acquire the skill. Do you still feel like the Iris course was worth the investment? Have you continued the techniques or found better ones? And finally, has your reading speed improved since this review?

It sounds like you would say yes. MRP has 5 steps: Computer Reading According to our instructor the typical reading speed on a computer is slower irisreadingg with paper reading and unlike paper reading, the use of a pacer is not practical. Conclusion Speed reading is a useful skill but also something that requires work. Richard M, I have no experience with the Infinite Mind speed program.

Thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!