jBC Run time, Running jBC programs. jBC Error Handling, Handling error conditions in jBC programs. jCL, jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual. CATALOG Command. .. DECATALOG and DELETE-CATALOG Commands .. DECRYPT. Quick Navigation. jBASIC Language Overview; Benefits of jBASIC; File and Directory Organization; Commands/Statements; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N.

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This is the default optimization level. Reads a single character from the input buffer and returns it. Tests if elements of one dynamic array are equal to the elements of another dynamic array. Select foreground and background screen colors e. If you are unable to find the information you ckmmands looking for, jBASE Support will be glad to assist in resolving your technical problems.

If the same command was issued from the ksh prompt, it would have to be issued as: Unconditionally passes control to another executable program.


NES function Determines whether the elements of one dynamic array are equal to the corresponding elements in another dynamic array. This commanss ensure conversion of attribute mark characters to new line and vice versa is suppressed thus invalidating the binary object.


Causes program execution to jump to the code at a specified label. Returns a dynamic array of the logical complement of the elements of a dynamic array. Jase jED editor is used in two different modes; command mode and edit mode, with edit being the default mode and the current mode displayed at the top of the screen.

The Qq option is used to specify that the source code contains embedded SQL statements. To use this tutorial you will need to be logged in to your system and commnads at the shell prompt. Edit the program using JED and add the data below. Returns the position of a character or characters within another string. In normal hbase default hash method for the file should be used, however the -M option jbas experimentation with different hash methods, which may have a small benefit dependent upon the nature of the record key, ‘n’ specifies the hash method, 1,2,3,4 or 5.

Welcome to jBASE’s new documentation site! Create a backup for our account 1. Not finding what you’re looking for? FMT function Formats a string to a specified pattern. ECHO statement Turns on or off the echoing of characters typed at the keyboard. In same manner, quoted strings such as “quoted string” are passed directly to the command with quotes intact.

CRT statement Outputs data to the terminal. DIV function Calculates the value of the quotient after division jbass the dividend by the divisor. Reads a field from a record in an opened file into a variable respecting locks.


Returns the length of the expression as the number of bytes rather than the number of characters. NUM function Returns Boolean true if jvase supplied value is numeric. Archaic method of extracting elements from a dynamic array.

Specifies which shell emulation to use when executing jsh. See file statistics 1.


commmands Generates a dynamic array containing the specified number of repetitions of each element of a dynamic array. GOTO statement Causes program execution to jump to the code at a specified label.

Optimization of jBC occurs and matrix boundary checking is removed. Each warning level will produce a different set commznds warning messages. Create a dictionary 1. NOT function Inverts the Boolean value of an expression. For example, to set warning level 3 use the following command:. Thisexample is restoring record ‘REC1’ in the F. Returns an internal date using the specified Timestamp and TimeZone combination.

The same is true when decataloging subroutines.