JEAN DE SPERATI: MASTER FORGER. Jean de Sperati relaxing in his study. The name “Jean de Sperati” is one of the most famous and infamous in the history. Media in category “Jean de Sperati”. The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. A signed work of Jean de × ;. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: The work of Jean De Sperati II: including previously unlisted forgeries / Robson Lowe and Carl Walske. Lowe, Robson.

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Sperati was so good, a mailing of 18 forgeries addressed to Spain was seized in by French Customs who has them assessed as being all genuine. This site uses cookies: Learn how your comment data is processed.

This eventually resulted in more than high-quality forgeries from more than different stamp-issuing agencies. Sperati created what he called a Livre d’Or which he boasted of in his autobiography and which contained favourable opinions as to the genuineness of his forgeries from numerous experts, including Dr.

Jean de Sperati

sperahi ForgeriesJean de SperatiUnited States. And prices have continued to rise ever since. Sperati was born in Pistoia[5] Italy, though he spent a large part of his life in France where he adopted the name Jean. ForgeriesJean de Sperati. Stamp now SOLD – to a leading dealer! Therefore, postmarks found on his forgeries are limited to those of larger cities.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The scan is not too good re colour accuracy, sorry, but used an alternate program to the one I usually scan with. It is a Sperati forgery, and is quite possibly the only one now existing. They charged him with “exporting capital” without a licence and trying to avoid customs payments. November Learn how and jeaj to remove this template message.


Read HERE for details. He was so good that he was acting as a dealer but producing and selling copies of rare stamps to unknowing reputable dealers in Europe.

Jean de Sperati – The Fabulous Faker 2 – Freestampmagazine – Stamp Collecting Blog

It is believed that he might have produced over 5, forgeries. The largest internet stamp shop. By Jean de Sperati was earning enough to become a full-time ee forger. A de Sperati approval sheet offered to a collector at discount price.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He then withdrew from sperwti forgery business and promised never again to falsify a stamp. So the fake is worth far more than a rare genuine stamp. To explain, Jean de Sperati tried to convince the court that he had no deceitful intentions in the sale of the stamps. Let no-one ever complain about MY mailing costs!

The “Livre D’Or” would eventually contain different expertised stamps. Nevertheless, the Parisian judiciary convicted Jean de Sperati and sentenced wperati to a year in prison, 10, francs fine and an additionalfrancs for criminal intentions. Sperati retained his Italian passport throughout his life and always considered himself an Italian.

The Parisians’ judiciary did not convict him on the basis of the imitation, but rather because of Sperati’s “deceitful intentions”.

Earn Frequent Flier points while buying at bargain prices. Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for 35 years. He was particularly interested in printing techniques, as well as photography which was in its infancy at that time.

Jean de Sperati – The Fabulous Faker 2

Payment via ‘real’ credit cards possible! These formed the basis for his eventual career as a stamp counterfeiter. He did this with an inimitable precision scarcely obtained by any other counterfeiter. He also claimed that he normally signed his reproductions but had forgotten to do so in the case of the impounded stamps.


Despite the findings of the experts Sperati managed to convince the police that they were fakes, and he was then charged with fraud. New York Also Member of: Some stamps in his famous album contained as many as six different signatures or Guarantees of authenticity. Indicating the Sperati different type, not number of them made! Jean de Sperati sperzti great attention to the accuracy of the postmark speerati falsifying the stamps.

This blog is made available by PostBeeld. His favourite printing method was collotype collotypyalso known as photogelatin in America, which simulated intaglio and lithographic printing. Sperati Kangaroo forgeries get high prices globally, not just locally. However, having been forewarned, the family fled, leaving behind more than two truck loads of forgeries, printing plates, printing presses, chemicals and inks, photographic equipment and paper.

Robson Lowe considered him an artist [ citation eperati ] and even professional stamp authenticators of his time attested spefati the genuineness of his work. These experts came to the judgment that the stamps in question were all originals, and very valuable ones at that.

Showing just how strong Sperati prices are right now.

After that sale Sperati is RED hot.