“Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that his brilliant work will help to reconcile American intellectuals to. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Front Cover. Jean Laplanche. Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Jean Laplanche translated by Jeffrey Mehlman. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too.

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Sexuality in its entirety is in the slight deviation, the clinamen from the function. So much so that for certain psychoanalysts, whose consideration of matters may be a bit hasty, “oedipal” and “genital” are occasionally given as synonyms.

But here it is not a perception but a memory-trace which unexpect- edly releases unpleasure, and the ego discovers this too late. The early formulation of Freud and Breuer, in its apparent banality, means exactly the same thing: We are inclined to say rather that one function, self- preservation—thus, vision quite simply as function—appears in this case as the ground of the conflict and of the symptom and not as one of the terms of the opposition.

This is to say that in opposition to a manifest or official history which Freud himself was occasionally intent on writingsuch an enterprise would appeal to a latent and partially unconscious history, subtended by repetitive themes. But first, we shall quote one of any number of passages in which Freud describes the “normal” mechanism of defense: To the extent that it is literal and interpretative, this kind of approach to Freud is a necessarily tentative and imperfect effort to transpose mutatis mutandis what can be assimilated from the art of listening and interpreting in psychoanalytic therapy.

And yet were one to reconstitute a detailed table of contents, the greatest complication would result.

The fact of the existence of sexual needs in human beings and animals is expressed in biology by the assumption of a “sexual drive,” on the analogy of the instinct of nutrition, that is, of hunger. Indeed, it is not exclusively those well-localized zones with their cutaneo-mucous covering, but every cutaneous region which is capable of serving as point of departure for sexual stimulation.

What does sexuality attack?

Jean Laplanche

There are, in addition, copious notes, particularly for the final, version, which is contemporaneous with the “last theory of drives. It remains a vital reference work for anyone interested in studying psychoanalysis. Laplanche is perhaps best known to the English-speaking world for his magisterial The Language of Psycho-Analysisco-authored with J. Therein lies the key to the essential “duplicity” situated at the very beginning of the sexual quest.


The first group of factors were the continual disappointment of my attempts to bring my analyses to a real conclusion, the running away of people who for a time had seemed my most favorably inclined patients, the lack of the complete success on which I had counted, and the possibility of explaining my partial successes in other, familiar ways.

In certain of these observations, the memories are retold in the form in which they were actually rediscovered; occasionally, they are partially distorted or censored by the author as he himself will subsequently explain when he is not yet prepared to face his discovery in all its scope—i.

Jean Laplanche – Wikipedia

The very notion of propping suggests that the leaning of derivation and propping on each other does not constitute a dialectical opposition in the traditional sense. But before saying that we must revise the theory, we must know it. We only deve- loped a single aspect of the problem of sexuality. Laplanche, advised by Lacan, began studying medicine, and eventually earned his doctorate and became an analyst himself, joining the International Psychoanalytical Associationof which he remained a member until his death.

InLacan finally published the thousand pages of Ecrits, containing a dazzling assortment of superla- tively provocative and outrageously intelligent observations born of his analyses of Freud. But the model of the physical trauma, as an effraction or breach of external origin, is quite insufficient in the case of a psychical trauma.

Life and Death in Psychoanalysis – Jean Laplanche – Google Books

Thus the essential thing is that there should be an inhibition by the ego on the occasion of the first jaen of unpleasure, so that the process does not occur as a “posthumous” primary affective experience [the meaning of the word “posthumous” will shortly become clear]. No doubt, in practice certain contradictions may prove to be relatively “extrinsic” or adventitious, the results of polemic or of hasty formulation; but even in such cases, they cannot be psychoxnalysis without a certain loss.

Laplanche continued his political activity.

For the hysterics treated in that period through the “cathartic method,” seduction was thus a common scenario, found over and over in a succession of scenes whose sequence Freud would enthusiastically retrace in tireless pursuit, beyond every “later” scene, of an earlier and more “traumatic” analogous event. A child’s intercourse with anyone responsible for his care affords him an unending source of sexual excitation and satisfaction from his erotogenic zones.


The genesis, in the first case, would still mean an emergence, a linear process, or, so to speak, a kind of secretion of sexuality by all the vital processes, all of which would imply, in a stage prior to autoerotism, the coherent existence of a vital order in man.

For the child it cannot have fully that meaning. And in the Project for a Scientific Psychology, which undertakes to construct a psychology, the problem is posed in the more general framework of a psychology of defense. Feb 12, Hunter Koch rated it it was amazing. It seems to us in any event that if the difficulty with which Freud struggled denotes a certain instability in his thought, it is a necessary instability which appears temporarily when, in the dialectical evolution of a science, a theory is overturned and replaced by a new theory whose generalized axiomatic allows for the inclusion of the earlier theory as a particular case.

Neither of the two events in itself is traumatic; neither is a rush of excitation.

What I’ll always remember from this book, though, is how it interprets Freud’s three essays on sexuality. What, then, is perverted, laplanxhe we may no longer refer to a “sexual instinct,” at least in the case of the small child?

Incorporation, moreover, extends ingestion to an entire series of possible relations; ingestion is no longer limited to food, since one can conceive of incorpo- ration occurring in other bodily systems than the digestive apparatus: The first gestures of a anv towards her child are necessarily impregnated with sexuality, an observation which overlaps with our earlier formulation concerning the polarization of infantile sexuality in the “erotogenic zones.

Freud’s answer is that sexuality alone is available for that action in two phases which is also an action “after the event.