P.G. Wodehouse’s series of comic novels featuring young British dilettante Bertram Bertie Wooster, and his wry valet Jeeves, who is often the cause of editions. This collection of short stories is a good exampl More. Want to Read. This one contains 9 stories with 5 of them telling Jeeves and Wooster adventures in New .. This is a collection of eight short stories written by P. G. Wodehouse. The Jeeves “canon” consists of 35 short stories and 11 novels. to rewrite the Pepper stories, switching Reggie’s character to Bertie Wooster and combining.

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Overall this was bally awful! You ask me what is it? Caitlin You can tell that Douglas Adams was inspired by Wodehouse’s clever play on words.

According to Wodehouse scholar Richard EoosterNeedham had to talk Wodehouse out of using the original, more provocative dedication: Still, she is fond of Bertie, despite his ineptitude. Again, one of storids less stellar efforts from Wodehouse.

If I was to bottomline all this, I’d say My Man Jeeves is not a rotten potato from the first Bush administration that you’ve finally unearthed from behind the fridge.

For example, Bertie describes how he, his Aunt Dahlia, and the butler Seppings rush to Anatole’s room in chapter 20 in a parody of race-reporting. Jeeves 1 – 10 p.g.wodeohuse 15 books. Drie verrukkelijke Jeeves-romans, voorafgegaan do… More. But I’ll figure it out soon, chap. Jeeves, you’re just awesome! Jeeves, Jeeves, Jeeves by P.

Wodehouse is one of the most quotable authors ever. Bertie Wooster is funny and humble enough to give Jeeves credit to almost everything.

Jeeves Series

Only about half of the stories are about the Jeeves and Wooster dynamic duo. The non-Jeeves stories feature Reggie Pepper. Wodehouse and Murray Hedgcock] traces the origin of the name Jeeves to Percy Jeeves, a Warwickshire professional cricketer known for his impeccable grooming, smart shirts and spotlessly clean flannels.

The next part of the story involves Bertie’s younger cousins, Claude and Eustace, along with their friend, Lord Rainsby.


Jeeves & Wooster – Books – P.G. Wodehouse – The Official Website

I know I sometimes complain that once you’ve read one Wodehouse story you’ve read them all, but no, I mean I literally have read all these stories already. The cats were his, the fish was Eustace’s and the hat was Claude’s. I am so glad that Wodehouse decided to stick with it and woostfr through to give life to Bertie Wooster.

Or, rather, he had a kind of paternal muscular spasm about the mouth, which is the nearest he ever gets to smiling. When Bingo Little falls in love at a Camberwell s… More. Owoster also mentions his late uncle Cyril in Right Ho, Jeeves. The Code of the Woosters by P. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Bertie sends Gussie to Brinkley Court in his place, so that Gussie will have the chance to woo Madeline there, but also so that Gussie will be forced to take on the unpleasant job of distributing the school prizes.

I’ve just finished the Psmith series and simply loved them. Also don’t sound too happy about anything or they will think you are going crazy. In the story, Jeeves’s character is minor and not fully developed, and Bertie’s surname appears to be Mannering-Phipps.

List of Jeeves stories

View all stoeies comments. They lack the daffy spark of his English ones or even his Americans visiting the UK. Agatha Gregson, later Lady Worplesdon, is Bertie’s severe, formidable aunt who dislikes Jeeves and frequently attempts to get Bertie married. And he’s always able to make sure that Bertie is properly attired while doing it. The Plots The stories of Jeeves and Wooster are formulaic in such a way that they typically start and p.g.wodehpuse in similar situations, with relatively similar plot lines involving elements such as misunderstandings and quirky situations.

Bookmark on your Personal Space. Bertie dismisses it at first, saying it was probably a taxi on the street, but when it happens again he then consults Jeeves on the matter. Constable and Company Limited. And Bertie doesn’t worry too much about his own intelligence: My affliction with Wodehousitis is perhaps acute. He’s one of the five authors who’s works I would take to a desert island with me.


Meanwhile, Gussie, still drunk, retaliates against Madeline by proposing to Angela, who accepts him in order to score off Tuppy. The novel was adapted from Wodehouse’s play Come On, Jeeves.

An efficient method of reading the entire Jeeves canon is to read The World shories Jeeves followed by the eleven novels in order of publication.

S – You’ll love me too: The Cat-nappers The collection The World of Jeeves first published in p.g.wodehousd, reprinted in contains all of the Jeeves short stories with the exception of “Extricating Young Gussie” presented more or less in narrative chronological order.

In this matter of shimmering into rooms the chappie dooster rummy to a degree. Bertie is extremely distressed at this, but there is no p.g.wodehuose for him to worm out of it. I loved his way of writing and his ability to generate fun even in routine and ordinary situations.

Bertie tries to lend a helping hand, but in the end, the resolution relies once more on Jevees protuding bean. The book is complete with all the buffoonery, muddled up scenarios, slapstick wit and wry English humor.

It also has the usual circumstance where Bertie gets into trouble and Jeeves bails him out. The Inimitable Jeeves by P. All the stories qooster about helping a friend out of a difficult situation, usually disinheritance; and they tend to involve deception, stealing or a harebrained scheme of some kind. Bertie was engaged to Craye’s daughter, Lady Florence, for a short period.

This period serves as a transition between the sustained action of the short stories and the later Jeeves novels, which generally use a more episodic problem-solution structure.