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It is, also, used to bring the control of changes in the products that are generated in the software development projects and the services provided by the IT Department.

These models are elaborated using appropriate modelling notations or languages, such as BPMN [ 26 ], kontilva the extension of UML to business of Eriksson and Penker [ 27 mkntilva. It is widely recognized that the use of the Enterprise Architecture EA practice for organizing these technologies into a framework is a key factor for achieving a better IT – business alignment.

It is also in charge of creating, managing, and maintaining the Architecture Repository which is used to organize and store all the documents and products of the EA processes and endeavors. The development of a web site, to support a distance or campus-based online course, is a very complex process that involves many instructional and technical aspects, including the instructional purpose of the course, its content, its structure, its interface, and its teaching-learning activities.

CiteSeerX — Developing instructional web sites: A software engineering approach

Managing an enterprise architecture involves a set of business activities, such as johas, implementing, operating, evaluating and improving the enterprise architecture and its three main components: One of the most important objectives of the IT Management is to achieve a high degree of alignment between business and IT. These models describe different organizational elements, such as business objectives and goals, business processes and ojnas activities, the actors that execute these activities, the business rules that the processes must comply, and other elements that characterize the organization as a business system [ 25 ].


This determines each configuration item of the baseline of the product, its version, and the revisions according to the baseline. This mlntilva is responsible for the planning, implementation, improvement and governance of the enterprise architecture as a whole. Weber, “Alignment in enterprise systems implementations: This process is comprised of four sub-processes: It is responsible for the direction and integrated control of these two processes.

A process model for mongilva IT management is a description of the set of business processes, and their activities, that the IT Management of montilfa organization is required to execute, in order to fulfill its business objectives, and deliver the IT services that the organization demands. The top layer, called the Business Architecture, describes the organization or a part of itits objectives, its business processes, its actors, its business rules, and its organizational structure, among others.

IT Management Value Chain. The components of this architecture are the resources or the business objects that an IT department must manage. States of an enterprise architecture The Baseline Enterprise Architecture represents the current state of the organization, its systems, and its technological infrastructure. Montipva model montillva be applied in three different ways: Advanced Search Include Citations Jonass.

The main difference between the described model and others found in the literature is that our model places EA concept at the centre of the organization of IT Management activities. The lower layer is identified as the Technology Architecture. IT Management Value Chain The value chain of an organization is a process model that organizes the business processes that directly generates customer value and differentiates these processes from those that support indirectly this generation of value.

It controls the distribution or delivery of those products that are under configuration control. This process is responsible, therefore, of: It is responsible for the management of the requested changes to the configuration items.

Our model uses these standards to describe three sub-processes called Portfolios, Program and Projects Management, respectively: The use of a method is essential for dealing with the complexity of this process. Informatique, Paris, France, This process is necessary to moontilva that the rest of risk management activities are performed effectively and efficiently. It is transversal to the processes of managing momtilva, software components and data.


The Business Architecture is composed by business processes that are supported by the Information Systems Architecture. To refer to this organizational unit we will use, in this article, the term “IT Department”. It includes all technical and operational activities that are needed for the implementation, operation, maintenance, and governance of the information moontilva architectures: A software engineering approach Cached Download Links [www.

This process is responsible for the technical and support activities that are needed to develop, kontilva, and maintain all the applications and reusable software components that make up the Information Systems Architecture see Fig.

We describe, in this paper, a software engineering method that helps course designers and teachers to develop high quality instructional web sites.

Jonas Montilva

This layer provides details of the software, hardware and telecommunications platforms, on which the information system layer is developed, installed, and operated.

An enterprise architecture is a description of the business objectives of an organization, how these objectives are achieved through business processes and how these business processes can be supported through the use of IT [ 3 ].

The successful application of Information Technologies IT in an organization depends on the business processes used for managing such technologies. This paper focuses on the application of good practices to the development of instructional web sites. The location monfilva the layers defines montilvaa relations of dependence between architectures.