Los Rios Profundos [Jose Maria Arguedas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ACCEPTABLE CONDITION. NO WRITING INTERIOR PAGES. Los Rios Profundos [Jose Maria Arguedas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los rios profundos [Jose Maria Arguedas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. nº , 3ª edicion , paginas.

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Me gustaria encontrar estes cuentos de nuevo, y vivir una vez mas los dramas de su tierra y su gente. There is also a more powerful type of zumbayllu made from a deformed object but without being round winku and with the quality of sorcery layka.

The story begins in Cuzco, where Ernesto and his father Gabriel arrive. She was apparently rich, owned half the town, and had many indigenous servants–Indians, whom she treated with contempt. Het boek zat in mijn koffer, toen ik op reis ging.

No es mal escrito, pero tampoco es bueno. Arguedas strongly identified with the indigienous Peruvian culture, and wrote in his own idiosyncratic style where he mixed the two languages freely. This Spanish text is useful for teaching Peruvian, Latin American literature or cultural history at upper sixth-form and university level.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book appeared when Indigenismo was in full swing in Peru. Writing my master’s thesis on this book! He practically invented a language here, using Quechua syntax and words with mostly Spanish vocabulary, making translation into other languages almost impossible.

Have you ever heard of the language called “Quechua”? Uses a boarding school in a rural village as a microcosm of the tense relationship between the indigenous and non-indigenous population of Peru.


For Ernesto, the zumbayllu is the ideal instrument for capturing the interplay between objects. On the other hand, in order to capture the double movement of convergence and dispersion, or unity and disharmony, this novel builds a dense and beautiful symbolic system that creatively retells certain indigenous myths and gives them fresh life.

Ernesto believes that his voice can reach the ears of his absent father by chanting the zumbayllu. However the boy has been brought up by native Peruvians and inhabits their world of spirits. The second major event is the oncoming plague. Numerosi sono i canti che costellano il racconto e fanno da fermo immagine. Er breekt een opstand uit onder het volk, omdat het zout is uitverkocht. Como novela, la obra es poco interesante.

Dec 23, Andrea Villar Rios rated it liked it. It’s certainly lyrical, and the author’s preoccupation with nature and with the clash of native and colonial culture is clear. He is also a widely read and respected essayist, writing everything from newspaper opinion pieces to critical works on other writers, including The Perpetual Orgy on Flaubert.

The flies swarmed contentedly there, pursuing one another, buzzing around the heads of passers-by.

Arguedas: Los Rios Profundos (Spanish Texts) Jose Maria Arguedas: Bristol Classical Press

Wellicht is er zelfs zweet van me in mqria bladzijden gedrongen, toen ik het las tijdens een hete zomer. The trees displayed their green and ripe fruit on high, and the children coveted them.

It is also a pacifying object, a symbol of restoring order, as in the episode where Ernesto gives his zumbayllu to Anauco. Some texts of ethnographic study were attached to the story, such as the etymological explanation of ‘zumbayllu’ or magical spinning top.


The push to complete the novel emerged years later inwhile conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the Mantaro Valley. About Mario Vargas Llosa. I was going to lay this at the feet of translation but Mario Profuhdos Llosa’s afterward in this edition indicates that this was the author’s intention. Open Preview See a Problem?

To view it, click here. Once again, place-based stories for me. Thanks loos telling us about the problem. It is burning and sweet. That persuasive power, without which no fiction can live, endows the story before the reader not pass argueda test of time.

Prepare yourself instead to read a dream. And he witnesses and takes part in some unrest caused by the oppression of Indians and mestisos.

I found this difficult to read. This is a book that takes you to a different world whilst not being a science-fiction book. His vocabulary loses all harshness, he joins the most delicate and fragile of words, speaks animatedly, becomes sweetly musical, and elates the reader with his impassioned imagery.

This would fit nicely on one of Ms. Gracias a mi amigo Alan por haberme obsequiado este libro.

Los ríos profundos

Gabriel, an itinerant lawyer, is looking for a rich relative called ‘El Viejo’ the old onein order to ask for work and shelter. Want to Read saving…. Open Preview See a Problem?