For about 30 years, the genius Jewish researcher Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda compared 3 languages: Jewish, Arabic and Ancient Greek Homeric. The book, published in English, and titled ‘Hebrew is Greek’, was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac. Hebrew Is Greek has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Becket Publications, pages.

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Submit a new link. The book disappeared from the face of the earth.

Hebrew Is Greek by Joseph Yahuda

However, they did think that my belief in the correspondence of Hebrew with Greek was rather exaggerated. This revolutionary freek took place around the time I was thirty years old, following the publishing of my book Law and Life according to Hebrew Thought. Wow great find Ironman, this would add so much insight yahyda the bizarre similarities of Alexander the Great to Moses; both depicted with two horns and both having a story where they entered a cave and found a fountain of life where a dead fish came back from the dead, then crossed a body of water.

One must eventually come to the inescapable conclusion that every one of the copies originally published was grek withdrawn through some sort of a secret operation with a global reach.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Yahuda’s congeniality and my inherent curiosity that did not allow me to refuse the writing of the introduction. If we want to keep going with the Septuagint, I would also note that the verse in question has no mention of singing at all.

An aside before I get into the thing itself: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Philologic Logeion Other related subreddits: The answer remains an enigma. It should open freely and widely and the key to this was the grammar. Those who are brainwashed as infants seldom study anything likely to conflict or alter their basic religious beliefs.

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Refresh and try again. As Professor Levin disclosed: I began debating the idea of whether or not I should one day begin a systematic comparison of the two languages. Yahuda’s congeniality and my inherent curiosity that did not allow me to refuse the writing of the introduction” Following the book’s publication, and while only a limited number of copies circulated for a few fortunate individuals, the book disappeared hebreew the face of the earth.

  LEY 11867 PDF

With my theory, it became possible for me to correct the translation of the Septuagint, using the Septuagint and the translation of the Bible, using the Bible. By using four different modern systems of pronunciation for Biblical Hebrew namely Ashkenazi, Baghdadi, Sephardi, and Yemenitetreating them all as ancient, and then treating these sounds not just as dialectal variants but as interchangeablehe makes every word impossibly manifold.

Consonants common to both alphabets frequently interchange with other letters in Graeco-Hebraic homology according to Greek dialectal changes, such js being also reflected in Hebrew modifications” he lists 24 such categories of dialectal changes. Not to mention he never found a resurrected fish according to the Biblical account. These discoveries cured me of my dyslexia hebtew relationship to Greek and Hebrew and made me capable of reading a Hebrew word as if it had been a variation of the word.

Ah, no wonder I don’t remember it. Hebrew is Greek by J. Yahuda got in touch with him, and they maintained a fruitful relationship through correspondence, though they never actually met in person. He also has a whole list of Greek-Arabic ‘homologies’.

Hebrew is Greek : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I have no idea where he got those from, but at times it becomes clear what game he’s playing. Lindoula rated it did not like it Jan 10, This is not an error committed only by me.

Now I realize that our differences were similar to those of a civil war, as fratricidal as the taking of Troy had been, for I became convinced that the Jews are of Greek descent.

I did read the Septuagint version of Ezekiel I’m also not sure about the translation. Not sure what the problem is. Then, before the audience was asked to pose questions, he said the following, which I noted: Firstly then, are we looking in the correct place and at the correct time period?


He pinpoints the awful impact of Christianity on the Greek and Roman cultures. Theologians and those whose profession requires detailed knowledge of the Bible are not likely to abandon their means of employment, even when they read this book.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I suppose a story could apply to Alexander, but Moses? We invite discussion about topics as diverse as Homeric poetry, papyrology, biblical interpretation, and grammatical analysis, but some of the related subreddits see below may be more appropriate for certain questions.

In fact, during the progress of my research, I twice attempted to arouse [this man’s] interest, but in vain. Hebrew Is Greek by Joseph Yahuda. Early on during my research, I tested the exactness of the words and verified their meanings.

As has now been said many times, your methods do not demonstrate connections between the Greek and Hebrew words you cite. Put them in the appropriate forum below. He introduced me, briefly and carefully, not wanting to commit himself to any decision until the end of my speech. Neither had I gfeek able to learn more than the necessary Latin needed for my law education and practice.

Log in or sign up in seconds. He tells me that he has plenty of proof that is convincing, and I believe him. From what little I know, not the most reputable translation for precise rendering.

The Greek and Hebrew alphabets bear a striking resemblance to one onother, in the order of letters, their names, shape, and pronunciation” p.

yahusa I remember asking my friend Gerald Emanuel, in a teashop into write the whole Greek alphabet on the bottom of a half-written page. Germany could show some good behavior and write off a part o. Why do you always assume i didn’t do the research.