Kasturirangan Committee Report On Western Ghats Pdf Malayalam. Cordiality was a raissa. Sometime despairing farmland is inflecting above the subaltern. of the Malayalam book prepared on Kasthuri Rangan Committee Report by the . Kasturirangan committee has identified 63% of the Western Ghats area as. Critical evaluation of Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats, why it was not made available to public in malayalam language?.

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Sikkim, a state in Himalaya with an elevation of about feet with virgin soil, low population and extreme low temperature where the level of pest population and pest attack are extremely less.

Madhav Gadgil flays Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats- The New Indian Express

HLWG is silent on this. For Identifying the land as ESA, the methodology heavily depends on satellite photographs of the western ghats.

Secondly it reveals the lack of democratic process by which the people of a region as diverse and ecologically significant as the Western Ghats are not taken into confidence by the Governments while introducing a new governance process.

It is maayalam pity that HLWG has borrowed a fashionable term without examining its relevance in the existing national context.

He said that Kasturirangan, who headed the member high high-level working group, constituted to examine the WGEEP report, had not shown ‘scientific courtesy’ to ask him about what was done by WGEEP before commencing his panel’s work on its recommendations. The WGEA covers all these purposes, and in addition a democratic set up to consider the aspirations of people. Meanwhile the other states seem not too perturbed by the decision of the MoEF to accept the Kasturirangan Report.

How did the Committee reach at these figures are not mentioned. In contrast to this, HLWG has adopted a highly top-down approach totally relying on very limited geo-spatial data. The Ghats, which also account for six major rivers which flow out of the mountains into the plains, are listed by Unesco as one of the top eight bio-diversity hotspots of the world.


The suggestion for decommissioning of those dams which have crossed their viable life span, outlived their utility, silted up beyond acceptable standards as suggested by the WGEEP, is rejected since many people who have responded to WGEEP Report have objected to it.

It does not even conform to the most important mandates given to it, namely the development philosophy of the MoEF which was reflected in its terms of reference. Presently, the sand mining and quarrying lobby hold the largest political clout in Kerala with many political leaders and legislators alleged to be having direct share and ownership over the large granite quarries operating in the malaayalam of the Western Ghats districts.

Therefore government should take out the area where people live from ESA. What is needed is to consider the entire area with maalayalam, medium and high fragmentation as one unit and declare them as ESA adopting a layered approach for development, so that the purpose of conservation and development needs of the comittee are well integrated.

Kasturirangan Report – a blueprint for political polarization in Kerala? – SANDRP

WGEEP aggregated the data and put them in 9 sq km grid mainly for administrative convenience. Instead of discussing reports with gram sabhas, political leaders and a section of the Catholic Church have been misleading people through false campaigns. The destruction of the biodiversity-rich Western Ghats will not only affect the people staying in the higher ranges but all the people in the state.

Latest News India News. Would anyone please advise the names of villages in the Wayanad District of Kerala affected by Gadgil report?

Atleast villages in Kerala will fall within the ESA natural landscape. Successive governments promoted malayali to go to the hill ranges and cultivate, malayakam tapioca cultivation was one major reason why famine that killed laks of people in all other parts of India was contained in Kerala. The MoEF bowed to the pressure from different lobbies and went ahead with the new panel without giving time to the state governments or the people to understand the WGEEP report.


WGEEP specifically recommends incentives to farmers who are involved in: It is surprising to note that the HLWG consisting of eminent persons have adopted such a fragmented approach.

All the malaalam will be moderated by the newindianexpress. WGEEP asks for a building Code and recommends that all houses should be environment friendly meaning using less cement, steel and stones and with water harvesting systems and facilities for waste management.

Kerala to form new panel to study Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats

Author By this time a large section of population including the ruling party legislators in Kerala openly admit that the Kasturirangan panel report is a watered down version of the Gadgil panel report and is not going to bring in much changes in status quo conservation.

Gadgil’s comments at a time when there is an increasing chorus in Kerala to implement either of these reports to protect the ecologically fragile Western Ghats in view of the recent floods.

In other words, how can local communities including tribals play a greater role in discussing and deciding on the economic future of the region, which is classified as economically sensitive?

Saturday 04 Malayaoam Questioning the sagacity of decentralized kasturirangann and decision making is a direct attack on the devolution of democratic process visualized in the 73 rd and 74 th Amendments to the Indian Constitution. The sharp distinction drawn between cultural and natural landscapes and the total exclusion of cultural landscapes from the purview of any regulation amounts explicitly and implicitly treating development and conservation as fragmented pursuits.

Press Trust of India. Absence of such a set up underlines commitete failure of projects from inception to execution. The report has the following explicit statement: