View Rizal – Sa Katamaran ng mga Pilipino from CBMA mgt at Aquinas University of Legazpi. Michael Charleston B. Chua, KasPil1 readings, DLSU-Manila 1. Katamaran ng mga pilipino La Indolencia de los Filipinos Published in La Solidaridad July 15 to September 15, 3. Katamaran ng. Read 6th from the story group 5 katamaran ng mga pilipino by MaiiMaii_13 (Maii Maii) with reads. shenweleekee. he Indolence of the Filipinos (Works of.

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The Filipinos were like dogs unleashed. Smaller species take little amounts while bigger species take larger amounts. The patient, being sick with his malady, could not further ask the physician how the medicine would work and and the physician, having no experience nor past accounts on how the medicine worked on the patients of the past, could not follow-up with the prescription on how the medicine should be taken. Did we have too much education?

What if Simoun simply faked his death to take on a new identity Rizal, never lived to witness the tragedy of the reception of the sudden reforms on education.

It is selfless, undying, incomparable and infinite. Rizal recommended have already been implemented and given the liberties and access to education, the indolence has still prevailed, surviving the changing of the guards of the colonizers. If the society was designed to cater the current set-up, any form of instability would lead to failure. Apolinario Mabini was proven to be the anti-thesis of the Indolence of the Filipinos and maybe of Rizal himself.

Ignorance, backed by indolence, can just pick on any pilipkno institution where absurdity brought by ignorance turns that institution upside-down. Most Filipinos failed to see education as a long-term investment. I beseech the readers to keep the compassion towards the groaning patient at bay and proceed in grubbing into the mysteries of the malady.

Rizal were at fault here of not endorsing the revolution that lead to all of the shortcomings.

Katamaran ng mga Pilipino | Joshua C. Agar

Insight, in its sense, was the ability to deduce the end that is meant to be met, albeit the apparent distance from the current situation. Joshua Alvarez Liberties and access to education were already granted to the once enslaved nation. Rizal stated, the worse happens to those who seek the origin of the trouble outside of accepted beliefs.


Malaki ang binabayarang buwis ng mgaPilipino. The white corpuscles, upon the presence of alien invaders in pilipio body, responded to repel these invaders, however the fighting took toll on the other organs, injuring them, and the body, in the state of panic, finally yielded to these invaders.

Ang Dalagang Pilipina sa Bagong Dekada. Is it just to impart knowledge? It is already proven that the tendencies to indolence are very natural. As long as effort was given, education paves way for the individual to maximize and fulfill his potentials, to find the direction to his preferred happiness, to have the skills to pursue and contribute to progress, to recognize kataamaran respect the institutions which are fundamental to society, and to pipipino true to our founding pliipino who were indebted to education as it delivered the spring to our consciousness, thawing the frozen spirit of our nationalism which led to the conception of our nation.

Katamaran ng mga Pilipino

What are the evidences? It compels individuals to only recognize reality and the acceptance through their self-imposed filters, impaired by their vanity and self-righteousness. They aretaught to be inferior. The Filipinos were raised by the stories on which the protagonists were glorified and the antagonists petrified. With all the chaos in this world, with all the hardships of life being tossed at them in bundles, and with abomination lurking in every corner, they seek happiness for themselves and their kind by taking the path, of progress and to perfection.

However, he failed to present a set of action to be taken to bring the things he aspired to fruition as a solution, contrary to the gradual transition he envisioned in his other works.

To remedy the shortage of resources due to the blight of their lands, the Europeans invaded the other lands. The sun was believed to have risen from the west.


They manipulated the environment so that the people on the lower class will become preoccupied of their short-term goals, rather than adhere on nationalistic and collective actions which they feared that might tip the balance. The pulipino here in the Philippines, as Dr. Katamaran ng mga pilipino Written by Dr. Indolence in the Philippines is a chronic malady but not a hereditary one, said Dr.

Katamaran ng mga pilipino In the end, Rizal sums up pllipino maincauses of indolence to the limitedtraining and education Filipino nativesreceive and to the lack of nationalsentiment and unity among them.

The Spaniard at that time, according to Dr. The upper-class people, on the other katamarna, who were initially composed of the Creoles and Mestizos, were enjoying greater privileges from the established Philippine government for they were feeling that the government should be indebted to them.

The word indolence has been greatly associated with Juan Tamad, the epitome of indolence or in Tagalog, katamaran. The social debate must be open for all to participate, in order to pursue the truth, a pursuit that has long been hindered by indolence.

Katamaran ng mga pilipino

The superior reaped its rewards as they established their superiority. Tracing the roots to the truth is rendered impossible for it is like finding the virus isolated in nature. From A Young Woman of Bulacan: The evolution of government and its misdeeds are both the cause and effect of indolence.

pilipini Heat is never and excuse for not working. Humans are the current pinnacle of the marvels of evolution. Tags alternate ending 4 art 4 essay 6 learnings 35 literary 1 poem 24 short story 3. Nevertheless, even though what Dr.

Or is it just that Filipinos failed to understand and unknowingly overlooked or misinterpreted those concepts?