INTERTEXTUALITIES IN HORACIO QUIROGA’S. EL ALMOHAD6N DE conflicts and tensions in the intertext of EI almohadon de plumas that enhance the. El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga). 0 prereading – the nightmare This is certainly a difficult text to teach due to the advanced language.

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El almohadón de plumas / The Feather Pillow – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

I talk it out, orally simplifying passages. Simple questions that have an obvious answer within the text.

Alicia looked at him with empty and fleeting eyes. Students already know the story; they just have to be able quiriga comprehend this version.

El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga)

All the lights remained mournfully on in the room and in the living room. After a moment she opened her mouth to scream, and her nostrils and lips pearled in sweat.

Clearing up myths and misperceptions about S. I did not give this sheet to students until I felt that they already knew the words so that it did not feel like a vocabulary list that we were plugging through but rather some spontaneous conversations. Nobody Expects the Spanish Acquisition!

Your almohzda does bring that Poe-esque quality to the story. The daily fluffing of the pillow without a doubt had slowed its progress at first, but ever since the young woman stopped moving the sucking went at a dizzying speed.


The doctors returned in vain. Jordan ran into the room. If not, who is this translation credited to?

Jordan came over quickly and bent over the bed. The servant, returning alone to the room after stripping the bed, looked at the pillow for a moment in surprise. In practice this did not always work, but it did keep most students focused on the text. It was not strange then that she grew thin.

El almohadón de plumas (Horacio Quiroga) – My generation of polyglots

She could barely move her head. Then her cries ceased, and she stood awhile with her head hidden against his neck, unmoving, wordless. There in front of them was a finished life, bleeding out day by day, hour by plukas, without even knowing why. Always upon waking she had the sensation of a thousand kilos on top of her pinning plumass to the bed.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Email required Address never made public. Only at night did life seem to leave her in new waves of blood. Courtney Nygaard — Spanish 2, 3 and heritage learners.

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And without vomiting…I have no idea…If she wakes up tomorrow in the same condition as today, call me immediately. Life is too short to read every blog out there… here are the fifty that I cannot live without: For three months—they had been married in April—they lived a special kind of joy. The qurioga day Alicia continued to get worse. Most thorough and appreciated. Thank you for this translation.


I read it after doing my own work. When I teach this story I use embedded readings to build up from a very simple version of the story until, by the end of the week, students are reading the original version written by Horacio Quiroga. One night she suddenly transfixed her gaze. Translating research into useful classroom ideas.

My Uruguayan friend is introducing me to the literature of South America. This is alomhada a difficult text to teach due to the advanced language. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The bite was barely perceptible. Almoahda a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Once everyone has five questions we go around the class, each asking a question and the whole class responding in unison.