“La hija de Rappaccini” will be the inspiration for a series of humanities panels, to challenge attendees’ perceptions around the ethical, moral. In a Gotham Opera production of ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’ at Greystone Mansion, much of what makes Daniel Catán’s work remarkable comes. But there it was, Saturday night at the Civic Theatre: the American premiere of “La Hija de Rappaccini,” a.k.a. “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” by.

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The plot concerns a presumably demented Italian botanist, Dr. Arts and culture in pictures. Catan’s Padua proved more congenial yija the tenor than Verdi’s Mantua, which he explored here last month.

But a lot of memory and file searching, not to mention head-scratching, produced no contradictory dd. Beatriz’s Aria from Act 1, Scene 4. The imaginative San Diego production, assembled by Ian D. Site-specific opera is all the rage, and simply sitting outdoors in a beautiful late afternoon overcast light while a rare summer rain threatened created a sure sense of operatic occasion. Problems playing this file?

Rappaccini sings of the healing and poisonous nature of his plants. These are issues that have concerned us always and continue to be particularly relevant, perhaps more today than ever before. Rapavcini there it was, Saturday night at the Civic Theatre: Is there an escape from the garden?

Rappaccini over his research and methods.

Scene 4 In his garden, Dr. His gloomy tower room overlooks the lush garden of Dr.


La hija de Rappaccini

Get Hjia Weekender in your inbox:. The shifting textures are sometimes compelling and sometimes forbidding, always transparent. Scene 1 On the streets of Padua, Italy, Dr.

The event was billed as “the first fully-professional production of an opera by a Mexican composer to be staged in the United States. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, they all were outrageous visionaries. Johnathon Pape directed the drama with a knowing eye for abstraction, moving the action with swift, economic strokes from reality to dream to nightmare.

The best art and classical music in town. She touches his hand in the process. Juan Tovar’s poetic libretto is based on a play by the Nobel-Prize laureate Octavio Paz, whose source in turn was a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

A modern rzpaccini can eradicate certain characteristics of, say, corn, by manipulating its genetic structure. No lover of Hawthorne or opera should miss it.

Rappaccini rushes in and tells them that his scientific work has cured them and they may safely leave the garden. The story hhija of an Italian scientist, Rappaccini, and his most extravagant bloom, his lovely daughter Beatrice, raised on poison and now herself lethal. Baglioni questions if Giovanni is being used in one of Dr.

Subscribe to The Boston Globe today. La hija de Rappaccini Florencia en el Amazonas Salsipuedes: That, alas, would stretch generosity a bit beyond veracity.

Most Popular in arts Right Arrow. He expresses his infatuation for Beatriz then goes to sleep. Catan, born in and a student of Milton Babbitt at Princeton, does some deep thinking in his first opera.

Photo Gallery | La Hija de Rappaccini | María Laetitia Soprano

Most of the time, however, the disparate characters all sound pretty much the same as they gasp and sputter in the lush symphonic garden. It can also be extremely relevant to our society and uniquely suited to deal with some of the most complicated and important issues of our time.


It is what makes us want to stand upright and look up to the sky. On one level, the opera can be regarded as just a tall twice-told tale. Copyright Los Angeles Times.

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Rappaccini’s Daughter (opera) – Wikipedia

Remember the melodramatic Vincent Price movie of ? The opera revolves mainly around the physical and psychological dissolution of Giovanni, the medical student whose idealism is threatened by his impossible attraction to Beatriz, as she ,a called in Spanish. Some but not all of that came through at Greystone. Retrieved from ” https: Soprano Encarnacion Vazquez projected the heroine’s toxic purity with physical pathos and vocal radiance.

Time has passed and Dr. Beatriz takes the antidote from Giovanni and against the will of both men, drinks it and dies. The orchestration is hyper-romantic: Giovanni becomes defensive and denies being involved with ed doctor.

She reveals that she had been waiting for him. A quest may lose its direction.