Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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He does the Wecker, etc.

Weck dy flech grob mit doben, Stand ab oder pleyb oben. Aim your point at his face or body and thrust at his chest or face. Learn six strokes first-hand against the defense Put the left hand on the back or on the chest if you want to twitch leckchnwr defense Here teaches the master how one should hold himself in the Messer fencing and how one should prepare to it.

Johannes Lecküchner – Wikipedia

Hie lertt de[r] meiste[r] abe[r] ein pruch wide[r] den wecke[r] vnd spricht Den leckcbner ist [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan hawt er vo[n] seine[r] recht[e]n seitt[e]n den wecker auff dein lincke seitt[e]n Indes windt dein mess[er] auff dein lincke seitt[e]n vnd far mit de[m] hang[e]nde[n] ortt auff vnd schlag In mit de[m] entrusthaw zu seine[m] kopff ode[r] setz Im den ortt an als du woll waist [etc].

Here the master states a good element that you should perform this way: Item hellt Er dich als vor. Munich Mair Version I s. Hie gant zu e E er den mfsser den man [!

Messer Leckuchner

Hye sagt der meyste[r] vnd melt den grundt des messers vecht[e]ns vnd spricht yndes vo[r] vnd nach [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan das dw vo[r] all[e]n ding[e]n recht ve[r]neme[n] solt dy zway ding das ist das vor vnd nach. Wiltu ab lauffen Von peiden siten soltu werffen. Mit dem messer wil er kelen drucken, [80r] Dy wer soltu rucken, Nit lang soltu meseer, Ansecz oder recht thu schreyten.

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You should bow to the leckcnner If the drawing after wants to dupe you. Do the Wecker, let the point go to the face Wind again to the left, you should not spare with the point Here the master states a breaking against the element described above and speaks: Inn die hut des Ebers zu deinner rechten seitten.


What comes long from bowing The point takes it away rapidly Learn to turn the short edge And let it fall long to the head. Seq r Sr die ab setzen lere text[us].

Hye sagt der meyst[er] Eyn pruch wyd[er] dy du vb[er]durchstech[e]n vnd spricht wer vb[er] [etc] Nu wiltu dy vb[er]durchstech[e]n Im mess[er] prech[e]n so thu Im also wenn[e] er dir vbe[r] deyn messer windt vnd will dir mit dem ortt vntt[er] deym arm[e] durchgen Indes windt geg[e]n Im auff seyn rechte seytt[e]n deyn messer an das seyn das dy lang schneyd ob[e]n sey vnd stich Im zu dem gesicht also kann er zu den obgemelt[e]n stuck[e]n nicht kum[m]e[n] [etc].

Here the master teaches an element from the Wecker and speaks: You can do it against all the strokes. Here the master states a breaking against the thrusting over through and speaks: Here the master teaches a breaking against the element announced above, as one strikes one at the right hand, as it is written above, and speaks: In the other cuts Always work with the point.

Then, if he has bound you on the Messer on your left side and wants to strike around to the other peak, do not displace. Learn to directly take away Strike a good deal long with the edge to the head Here the master teaches the taking away with the long Messer and says: If you have grasped that The peaks are acquired If you want to take revenge And break skillfully the four peaks Double from above And mutate from below.

Here the master states an element against the guard from the Luginsland and against the Stier.

Here the master speaks how one should go through with the Messer, and going through is very good in the Messer and in the sword. Then, go on the outside to the joint of his hand and press towards the ground quickly down, so that you take his Messer. If you want to throw him, step with your left leg in front of his both legs and throw him over it. Then, if he has grabbed your right hand with his right one, pull with the hilt downwards and do as before.


Indes dieweil er mit dem gehultz auf fert auf dein duseggen. Ee wann du mit dem duseggen auf kumest. Images from the Munich Version I. If he becomes aware of the point, seek the fourth peak with the point, to the face to his right side. And this is an element by Master Andreas of armoured combat. And do not strike to the Messer, as you were taught before.

Then, if you both have bound, grab his right hand with your left one and raise with it high, and come to help your left hand with your right hand.

DVD – The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

If he wants to fight hand-to-hand, etc. Das messee also verstan schneydt Er dich Inwendigs In deyne[n] recht[e]n arm[e] so wind deyn messer geg[e]n dem seyne[n] das dy lang schneyd ob[e]n stee vnd dy kurtz geg[e]n dir vnd senck den ortt geg[e]n der erd[e]n vnd gee mit der swech vntt[e]n durch auff seyn rechte seytt[e]n mit de[r] kurtz[e]n schneyd[e]n auff seyn messer vnd haw In Indes Zu seyne[n] kopff der selbig[e]n seytt[e]n mit der lang[e]n schneyd[e]n [etc].

If he strikes at you, etc. Item Ist dir Einnge lauffen vnnd du Im auch. lekchner

Then, step in a twofold manner with both your feet well around him to his left side, well out of the stroke, and strike at him through his head to his left side. You may hit him with it, but before you hit him you should do a double feint.

However, biographical information from historical records, as well as the colophon in the manuscript itself, thoroughly disproves this theory. If he wants to enjoy the overwinding with the point Go over with the pommel, strike to the face and do the thrusting.

Here the master teaches a skillful holding and element, and as you fall on your arse while doing the element, you can hold the man so that he cannot stand up. Then, strike your left arm over his right elbow and take his Messer.