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Japan – Fr amamiensis, cristata, iriomotensis, iwatsukii, okinawensis, pseudoalstonii, schensiana var. Chonanthelia from Mizoram, India.

Locale Data Summary for Spanish [es]

Report prepared for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. A case study with four bryophyte species at two altitudinal levels. Bryophytes of Wyre] [ eur: Italy – Fr parvistipula E – Red list], 1 pp. USA, Canada – 25 Frullania species – ] http: India – Lfi acutiloba, alstonii var pfleidereri, apiculata, arecae, berthoumieuii, calcarata, campanulata, davurica, debilis, densiloba, dilatata, dilatata ssp asiatica, duthiana, ericoides, baahia, evelynae var devendrae, evelynae var srivastavae, evoluta, gaudichaudii, gaudichaudii var.

Austria – Fr fragilifolia, jackii, parvistipula, tamarisci – ], pp. Austria – Fr dilatata, tamarisci – ], 72 pp. Chile – Fr spec, cf.


NCBI C Toolkit Cross Reference

A preliminary study on non-epiphyllous taxa in lowland areas. Germany – Fr dilatata, fragilifolia, jackii, tamarisci – ] www. Tristan da Cunha Lsi. China Fujian – 32 Frullania species, p. Chile – Fr weberbaueri – ] Gayana.

Locale Data Summary for Spanish [es]

How frequently do they occur? Species checklist of the non-vascular flora and lichens. Taiwan – Fr ericoides – ] http: Effects of tree species on bryophyte species richness and composition. Germany Hessian State – Fr dilatata, baha – ] www. Click here to sign up. Switzerland – Fr dilatata, fragilifolia, inflata, jackii, parvistipula, riparia, tamarisci – ] www. Ireland – Fr dilatata, tamarisci – ], pp. Brazil – Fr ericoides – ], 53 pp. The genus Trichocolea Dumort.

Reunion – – ] http: An initial assessment [ am1: Ex situ conservation and reintroduction of endangered plant species – Norway – Fr bolanderi – ] BioFokus-rapport, 77 pp.

Dominican Republic – Fr spec.

Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Vitenskapsmuseet – Botanisk notat [ eur: The first bryofloristic analysis for a Brazilian mountain in the ,ei forest. Can liverworts be used as indicators of altitudinal gradient in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest?

Serbia – Fr dilatata – Bryophyte flora, Mt. New distributional data on bryophytes of Poland, 2. Biodiversity of Hengduan Mountains and adjacent areas of south-central China.


Germany – Dr dilatata, tamarisci – ] www. Rwanda – Fr angulata, apicalis, apiculata, arecae, caffraria, capensis, depressa, ericoides, imerinensis,lindenbergii, mildbraedii, obscurifolia, schimperi, serrata, socotrana, spongiosa – ] Abc Taxa vol. Volume 1, Plants [ eur: Flora of North America North of Mexico. New insights from DNA taxonomy, hybridization, and biogeography in the leafy liverwort Porella platyphylla Jungermanniopsida, Porellales.

A walk in the woods. Insights into the biology and evolution of Bryophytes in Northeastern Connecticut. Understanding the Chemistry will Help our Diagnostic Approach. Canada Quebec, Labrador – Fr inflata var communis, riparia, selwyniana – ] http: Ecuador – Frullania – ]Quito, 55 pp. Colombia – Fr bogotensis – ] http: China – – abhia http: Bozen, Italy [ eur: A checklist of liverworts and hornworts of Jamaica. Sweden – Fr fragilifolia – ] www. Implications for Tropical Bryophytes in Lowland Forests.

Scotland – Fr dilatata, fragilifolia, tamarisci, teneriffae – ] Scottish Native Woods,13 pp.