This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. Contents. 1 Practiced/ Practitioners in Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Joy. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Jon Escudero.

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Lightning Scientific Arnis..???

It is impossible to preempt or overwhelm your opponent without the prerequisite strength, endurance, fitness or awareness of his movements. Views Read Edit View history.

Have a Happy ! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lightning Scientific Arnis stands out as a system because of the heavy emphasis on high speed, high magnitude strikes fired in barrages as well as its concept of Serrada.

Skill, Not Gimmicks Posted: Took a walk around and found myself at the Wallace Collection. The Filipino Martial Arts are broad and each system has unique characteristics, nuances lifhtning subtleties which distinguishes them from lightninv.

Filipino Martial Arts Pulse: Other activities include future tournaments open to all arnis clubs regardless of style, and sharing sessions in which both older and younger practitioners share and compare what they had learned directly from Mang Ben.


Lightning Scientific Arnis is a power and impact oriented system and the training methodology reflects this. Dojo Festival is an annual festival where many groups of martial artists come together as a little weekend community sharing in several martial arts related activities. Break it down into movements — there is no combat without movement. It was good to see new students attain their Levels as well as current members advance to higher levels arni study.

It is about understanding that deepens with testing yourself. This site uses cookies. Did some decompressing in London. Sining ng Pilipino ng Pagtanggol sa Sarili. ShaunNov 10, Stay updated via RSS.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..??? | FMATalk

Please let me know if you need any more information concerning Lightning or mang Ben. This is an interesting drill to learn as it helps a student become aware of the various lines of attack and their vulnerabilities in close range. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Complete mastery of a style or system, in my opinion, is a lifelong endeavor.

SEMINAR DAY 2 On the second day we recapped the combat sport material and escalated it working on some new variations in the setups and counterattacks with the goal of being flexible with your options from point ligthning contact.

  ANSELL 70-765 PDF

Combat Journal Photo credit: Share This Page Tweet. Mga Karunungan sa Larong Arnis.

Lightning Scientific Arnis – The Deadly Dance

This is understandable since it favors medium-to-close range play wherein the “body” needs to move or be displaced at the first count of the step rear leg moves first rather than the body displacement which happens only at the second count in a replacement stepping maneuver front leg moves first which by the way seems more applicable to largo play or stikes aimed at the lower extremities.

BanakunNov 30, Who moves first, who moves next? Still, it is necessary to have a functioning understanding of these definitions in order to recognize the circumstances where trained motions are appropriate.

Ideally, an altercation should end quickly with a quick burst of strikes, rather than getting into a long exchange of blows with your aggressor.

This site uses cookies. And yes… some training did happen. When your weapon hand is trapped or compromised you have less than a second to react to the situation.