Product category: PLCs – Omron – C – Omron CH-LK (CHLK) This unit is fully tested prior to. Q: Can CH-LKV1 Host Link Unit be used with CS1-series Programmable Controllers?. CH Units that use the CPU bus, SYSMAC LINK Unit, CHW-SLK23/24 ( wired) CHW-SLK13/14 (optical). Controller Link Unit, CHW-CLK21 (wired ).

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Posted 14 Nov If it is not blinking then you have a bad connection. One of the other old school guys will have to lk20 this one.

But there’s still no RCV light Please help me! The DIP switch front are 0;0;5;2 back are off;off;on;off;0v Please help me! If this is a 1 to 1 connection between the PC and the PLC then this is probably correct but not guaranteed. PCMRthat Data will have to be reentered into the appropriate locations. Try turning if OFF. As far as using the peripheral port I have replaced ch-lkv1 by ch-lk and everything is the same.

I have tried with an ch-lkv1 but everything is the same. Edited 15 Nov by sokhanh. Maybe the PLC power supply is bad. Posted 16 Nov edited. I also tried with this cable LK Coputer The same physical issues occur with high density cards with cables coming out the top. Posted 13 Nov edited.


It’s on page 9 in the manual. Started by sokhanh13 Nov The PLC configuration does not matter. Be careful what you plug into it. The long port at the bottom is for a 3G2A6-LK For communications with CX Programmer, you should be able to use the same cable that is currently connected to you custom application.

I would still think you should see the RCV light. Posted 15 Nov You’ll need to tell us in more detail what you have done. C Series Host Link Units.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I just didn’t relate the issue when reading the manual.

On the older ones, it was only intended for the hand held programmer. This is common Omron serial settings. Posted 14 Nov edited.

Omron C500CN221EU Programming Cable, For Use With C200H-LK201 PLC, 6 ft

Register a new c200u. Then the PLC cannot connect ll201 Pc. This means you cannot use the small peripheral port for anything other than a hand held programmer. This is basically the same as the rack mounted unit you have. If your application is not sending an address and a calculated FCS then it will not communicate with pin 3 set to ON. With the information you have provided, there is no way for us to tell.


Omron CH-LK (CHLK) – Axdos AB | PLCSWEDEN | Automation Spare Parts

The 25 pin connector would run into the bottom of those peripheral units if you used these slots. The dip witches in the host link are correct but still not connect.

I did notice that both of his modules are in the restricted slots. Last week, the cpu couldn’t power on, so I have replaced with a new CPU.

After revisiting this I found conflicting information in the manuals.

Omron C200h-lk201-v1 Host Link Unit

And you put it on the first spot left of the CPU. Could anyone help me how to check and slove this problem?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. X200h 13 Nov You should verify the cable. If possible, which cable I have to use? Posted 20 Nov This may or may not be an issue if they are mismatched