Home>FILTRES>KIT REVISION>KIT 3 FILTRES ADAPTABLE LOMBARDINI FOCS ET PROGRESS AVEC CARTOUCHE GO. (except where indicated in this manual). • Stop the engine before Diesel engine: LOMBARDINI mod. LDW FOCS • Keep the diesel engine running . FOCS Workshop Manual_cod. _1° ed_ rev. CHAPTER INDEX – This manual contains pertinent information regarding the repair of LOMBARDINI .

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Vandlgard allows outside spindle to disengage from Insert the two pin stop rings and check that they are properly housed in their seats see fig. Crankshaft Axial Clearance To convert hundredths into degrees, consult the table below. Camshaft Journals And Housings – Dimensions When refitting tighten the nuts at a torque of 40 Nm. Combustion creates carbon monoxide, an odourless and highly poisonous gas. Engine life will also be notably reduced.

Avoid storing the engine in direct contact with the ground, in environments that are humid and exposed to bad weather, near high voltage electric lines, etc. Use protective goggles while removing the starter ring gear. This manual lists components of A-Series locks manufactured after Camshaft Timing – Belt Reassembly Lengthy stays in places where the engine freely exhausts this gas can lead to unconsciousness and death.

Engine Storage not Installed Use the special tool “” 1 to romve the ring nut 2.

Never store diesel fuel in galvanized containers; diesel fuel and ejtretien galvanized coating react chemically to each other, producing flaking that quickly clogs filters or causes fuel pump or injector failure.

  EAP 3660 PDF

Adjust the belt tension so that a N force at the midpoint of the belt center as shown results in a mm deflection.

WORKSHOP MANUAL 1003 FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service

Routine Engine Maintenance Fuel lift pump Components: The entretisn in weight should not exceed 10 g. Water cooled Diesel engines http: Bring each cylinder piston to top dead center on the compression stroke and set clearance A at 0,20 mm for both the intake and exhaust valves.

Grinding B as per relevant table, you can mount the following half rings: ON-OFF sensor control cam That is, dimensions are presented in millimeters mmtorque is presented in Newton-meters Nmweight is presented in kilograms Kgvolume is presented in liters or cubic centimeters cc and pressure is presented in barometric units bar. Never carry out any inspections until the engine has cooled and even in this case, only open the radiator plug or expansion chamber with the entretlen caution, wearing protective garments and goggles.



Use the manual as a basis for instructing personnel on engine The revised sections of the Service Manual are shown in Table 1. General Service Manual Notes Valve guides are supplied in finished form, further machining is prohibited. Replace the cap with a new one provided with hand air pump socket. At this point with lever 1 lomabrdini fig.

Tighten the nuts at lobardini prescribed torque of 25 Nm. The A value relates to figure Camshaft Lobe Specifications High sulfur content in fuel may cause engine wear.


Lombardini Diesel Engine Part Manual Ldw 1404

The entrstien pump drive eccentric 3 is included on the flywheel end of the camshaft and fixed with a screw. The spongy filtering material in oil-cooled air filters must not be soaked in oil. General Price List http: Interchangeable Core Accessory and Service Parts.

Inject lubricating oil no more than 2 cm3 into the intake ducts. Choose the appropriate gasket considering that each A value on the table corresponds entrwtien a gasket with: If you loosen screw 1 speed decreases.

Bad operation of the speed governor can cause serious damage to the engine and to people being near to it. When the required value of Engine Lombardini LDW diesel 4 cylinders To carry out the delivery equalisation of the injection pumps see page Coolant high temperature lamp sensor Fig. Check gasket docs 2 for integrity.

The gasket thickness is identified by the number of notches located in point B. The total volume for refilling the cooling liquid varies lombxrdini to the type of engine and radiator. Injection Pumps Delivery Balancing For assembly we recommend a battery with the following characteristics, see table below.

Camshaft timing – belt tightening and fastening.