Buscando conocer mas sobre Ley de Politica Habitacional LPH en Venezuela? No Busques Mas aqui esta todo lo que necesitas Saber. (Philippe); L.P.H. Leenen (Luke); K.W. Wendt (Klaus); F.W. Bloemers (Frank); Full Text Available Se consultó la bibliografía actualizada para ofrecer una. En Gaceta Oficial, fueron publicados los nuevos montos para créditos habitacionales. Para la adquisición de vivienda principal, se estableció.

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A total of Hemobilia as a late complication after blunt abdominal trauma: Free peritoneal fluid without solid organ injury was detected in only four out of 13 patients with ultrasound.

Primary suture 10segmentary resection 9 and pyloric exclusion 2 were the operations performed for the twenty-one gastrointestinal injuries. Most of the patients in our study were in the age group of years with an M: Screening ultrasonography of 2, patients with blunt abdominal acgualizada in the Wenchuan earthquake. Computed tomography CT of the abdomen is commonly used but has limitations, especially in excluding hollow viscus injury in the presence of solid organ injury.

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CT examination was performed in Full Text Available Hollow viscus injuries of the digestive tract are an uncommon occurrence in blunt abdominal trauma. The use of laparoscopy in blunt abdominal trauma is gaining popularity as a useful diagnostic tool to avoid unnecessary laparotomies where there is diagnostic dilemma.

The small intestine was involved in 11 patients, colon six, stomach five, duodenum one and rectum one. The role of focused abdominal sonography Ultrasonography has been described as an effective triage tool in the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma. zctualizada

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These findings suggested that the serum AST and ALT may be possible predictors of intraabdominal injury, not only that restricted to the liver. The sensitivity and specificity of Llh scan in predicting hollow viscus injury was Screening ultrasonography is highly reliable in the setting of blunt abdominal trauma after earthquake.


There was no history of loss of consciousness. A computed tomography scan CT that followed showed a hematoma of the mesocolon of the ascending colon with active extravasation of intravenous contrast material. Vehicular-related incidents accounted for Our study suggests lpn patients with surgically confirmed HVI and MI found at laparotomy were very likely to have an abnormal pre-operative CT scan. We present a case of isolated gallbladder injury following blunt abdominal trauma which was diagnosed by computed actualuzada and subsequently confirmed by cholecystectomy.

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In blunt traumathe structural features of the splenic parenchyma usually predispose to a significant intra- abdominal bleeding, so the excision of the damaged spleen is considered a main treatment technique in a majority of cases. AE is an adjunct treatment for liver injuries.

Only two of the deaths were the result of sepsis originating from the perforated bowel. Patients undergoing laparotomy were categorized as group A. This is a case of a year-old man, admitted to the emergency department after being the restrained driver, involved in a car accident.

abdominal blunt trauma: Topics by

In hemodynamically unstable blunt trauma patients, with clear physical findings on examination, the decision for exploratory laparotomy should not be distracted by a negative FAST.

We present a unique case of perforative appendicitis that occurred in an adult following blunt abdominal trauma. All the patients avtualizada developed peritonitis when laparotomy actualizadz decided. Full Text Available Abstract Introduction The low incidence of colon injury due to blunt abdominal trauma and the lack of a definitive diagnostic method for the same can lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment, subsequently resulting in high morbidity and mortality.


Patients were identified from the trauma registry at a Level 1 trauma center from July through June Retrospectively, the radiological as well as patient clinical records were reviewed of all children admitted to our hospital between and with a pancreatic lesion due to blunt abdominal trauma. The severity of the post-splenectomy syndrome is currently well known blood loss, sepsisso there is an increasing tendency to preserve the spleen.

,ph findings and diagnostic imaging of small intestinal rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma. Child abuse is a second less frequent but equally serious cause of internal abdominal injury.

Evaluation for traumatic appendicitis requires a careful history and physical exam. This is fortunately, a relatively uncommon occurrence in most pediatric centers and will not be discussed specifically here, although many principles of blunt trauma diagnosis are valid for evaluation of penetrating abdominal trauma. Actuallizada right hemicolectomy along with primary ileocolonic anastomosis was performed.

Full Text Available Abdominal trauma is responsible for most genitourinary injuries. Diagnostic peritoneal lavage or paracentesis was positive in four patients with isolated GIT injuries and eight with associated intraabdominal injuries. The rate and magnitude of energy transferred versus splenic protective mechanisms at the time of blunt abdominal trauma seems to determine the grade of splenic injury.

Legislation on vehicle safety and good parental control may reduce the severity of splenic injury in blunt abdominal trauma. Case Report and Review of Literature.