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Here we are going to use the Energia IDE and the msp-gcc compiler toolchain that comes installed with it. To program in c with Energia you simply delete the Energia code that appears when you open a new project and then open a new tab using the drop down arrow in the Energia toolbar.

Introducing the MSP430G2553 Hardware

Click here for m4330g2553 detailed instructions. You will notice the first line in the code includes a header file that comes with the Energia Install.

This header file is developed by the chip manufacturer and defines all the hardware addresses in the chip and control bits with easy to remember m430v2553 such as P1OUT which contains the address of the 8 bit port 1 output register which is directly attached to pins labelled P1. Most simple versions of the blink m340g2553 use a delay block that is based on making the CPU run many times through a loop doing nothing.


The disadvantage dataxheet the approach is that while the CPU is running through the while loop just to provide a delay it cannot be doing something else of indeed sleeping to to save power.

You can achieve the same result as above more elegantly using the delay function that is included in the msp Again this function is convenient for creating short delays especially when initiating peripherals but should not be used for controlling program flow as it is very power inefficient and blocks the CPU.

A better approach is to use a dedicated timer.

Introducing the MSPG Hardware | Benn Thomsen

You can use the system clock to increment the counter. The MSPG has two 16 bit timers i. You can set the upper count value and get the timer to assert an interrupt when the maximum count is reached.

Often we would like to control the amplitude of an output signal to vary for example the brightness of an LED or the control the speed of a motor. A PWM signal is a pulsed signal with a period that is chosen to be much faster tun the response time of the device of system that you want to drive.

In this example we are going to configure P1.

To test the system we will attach a potentiometer between P1. Remember characters are simply 8 bit binary numbers that are interpreted as characters using the mapping defined in the ASCII table. M4430g2553 following example implements both the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver is interrupt based and assumes that a carriage return terminated string is transmitted from that computer.


The serial terminal by default assumes that the received binary values are to be interpreted as ASCII characters. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Dattasheet account.

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You have installed Energia. You have tested the install by uploading the blink code.

MSPG from Texas Instruments

Figure 1 20 pin device pin functionality. Figure 2 Timer A block diagram. Your article help me a lot thank you very much!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies.

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