The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle is an 84 mm man-portable reusable anti-tank weapon produced In November , the U.S. Army began ordering the M3 MAAWS for regular units deployed in Afghanistan. Soldiers were being engaged with. Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan. (MAAWS-A). Afghanistan Reintegration Program. (ARP). U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Publication. Standard Operating. AUTHORIZED USES OF CERP A. The authorized uses of CERP are listed below. For more information on each category and examples within.

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Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat It reduced mxaws weight even further by using a thin steel liner containing the rifling, strengthened by a carbon fiber outer sleeve.

The M3E1 is also 2.

It is believed that many of these Afghans, along with their communities, will cut their ties to the insurgency, abandon violence, and accept the Afghan Constitution, including respect for human rights once being offered the opportunity to participate mxaws a reintegration program.

Repeatedly firing the Gustaf can also cause related shock wave injuries to gunners and those nearby. Other water sources such as rainwater and river or lake water must be purified for human consumption.

Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle – Wikipedia

The community is viewed jaaws the center-of-gravity for successful and lasting reintegration. Inthe U. Projects to guard critical infrastructure, neighborhoods and other public areas. For example, if a community did not operate a court house, a jail, or an administration office, the use of CERP is inappropriate to create that infrastructure.


Reintegration will complement efforts to support political, governance, social and economic opportunity within communities. For full effectiveness, illumination rounds have mawws be fired at a very high angle, creating a danger for the gunner as the backblast from firing can burn him.

Funding for the ARP will not be used to support reconciliation requirements. Retrieved 18 July Archived from the original on 10 April Recorded a pledge to cease all support for insurgency in Afghanistan, to live in accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan, cease violence against the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners, and maas longer have material ties to Al Qaeda or affiliated transnational terrorist organizations, and.

Retrieved 29 December Army Rangers found the M3 was best employed using a two-man team.

Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan (MAAWS-A) Afghanistan Reintegration Program (ARP) SOP

Archived from the original on In addition to infantry use, the Marines are considering it kaaws replace the SMAW in combat engineer squads. These operations deal with the control of the system, such as traffic signals and ramp meters, railroad switches, air traffic control, etc. The breech-loading weapon, made by Saab North America, can reach out and hit enemy targets up to 1, meters away. In addition, pledges made by reintegrees must be mawas, and the community must accept that the consequence for acts of recidivism will be discontinuation of ARP support in that community.

Critical to attracting insurgents to participate in reintegration is a more capable and credible GIRoA, seen as effective by its amaws, and capable of providing effective security and justice. Soldiers were being engaged with RPGs at meters, while their light weapons had effective ranges of — meters. Reintegration will supplement the continuing lethal and non-lethal activities that form a part of counterinsurgency operations.


Money As a Weapon System Afghanistan (MAAWS-A) |

Weapons and ammunition introduced in Anti-tank weapons Military equipment — Recoilless rifles Weapons of Sweden. In Novemberthe U. While the SMAW weighs 2. Projects to repair government buildings such as administrative offices or court houses. As such, the community will be responsible for accepting back reintegrees who wish to reintegrate, and will take responsibility for their progress. The wiring harness was included in the M3E1 configuration that provides a foregrip controller and programmable fuze setter for an interchangeable fire control system.

The result was superior accuracy at longer ranges. By using titanium, the updated M3E1, based on the M3A1 introduced inis more than six pounds lighter. Reintegration programs are Afghan led programs that have the outward appearance of an Afghan driven program consistent with the Afghan constitution and the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program APRP. In recent years, the M3 has found new life in a variety of roles.

Cost analysis must be conducted so the village or district may collect revenue to ensure operation and maintenance of the system for long-term use. Most Popular Military News.